Journey to the Field of Dreams: A Visit to the ECETI Ranch

May 31, 2012
by Lorin Cutts Some sixty miles to the north east of Portland, Oregon and at the base of Mount Adams lies the ECETI ranch - the home of James Gilliland. I first became aware of James and ECETI whilst surfing the internet... continued

Underwear Bomber Victim Says Government was Involved

March 1, 2012
This victim impact statement was read befor the court at the sentencing of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 'Underwear Bomber' who attempted to blow up a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, 2009. The statement makes it clear... continued

Use of Imagination in Whitley Strieber’s Meditations

December 17, 2011
In his meditations in the Unknowncountry subscriber area, Whitley Strieber speaks of the use of disciplined imagination and how powerful it can be. This subscriber has been using it correctly, and his letter serves as a good illustration of how it... continued

My Catholic Struggle by Whitley Strieber

December 10, 2011
I engage in a correspondence with a number of old high school friends. We attended Central Catholic High School in San Antonio together in the early sixties, and I would like to deposit this recent letter of mine here as... continued

Two Cars Pass THROUGH Each Other

November 4, 2011
This story was received from an reader. It happened in Pennsylvania and, quite frankly, we can't even begin to explain it. It is a remarkable story about what is probably a completely unknown natural phenomenon. I was driving west... continued

Jose Arguilles Dies, Leaving a Remarkable Legacy

March 26, 2011
The Passing of José Argüelles by Carl Johan Calleman José Argüelles passed away on March 23, 2011 (2 Imix) and I would like to write a few words as a recognition of the very important contributions he made to our... continued

There’s Something About That Book

March 23, 2011
Shortly after we posted the download for Whitley's out-of-print Communion sequel "Transformation," we received this Facebook message: "I wanted to tell you of an experience that I had this evening. It immediately reminded me of something I read in one... continued

A Reality Check from Tokyo

March 20, 2011
This letter was sent by a US citizen who lives and works in Tokyo. Sent: Wed, Mar 16, 2011 11:10 pm Subject: Japan Earthquake Update Hi all,   The earthquakes now have Tokyo surrounded, under siege....being on all sides of the... continued

Letter from Sendai

March 17, 2011
This letter has been received from a person in Sendai, which was at the epicenter of the great Japan earthquake of 2011. Letter From Sendai Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have... continued

Trouble in MUFON

February 4, 2011
Something is very wrong in the Mutual UFO Network, a US national UFO research organization that consists mostly of volunteer members. A recent director, James Carrion, was apparently forced to resign, and now the new director, Clifford Clift, seems to... continued