Sighting of UFO Mother Ship

April 29, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters series, we received an e-mail from Shakura: In 1987 I was driving from Sedona, Arizona to Laguna Beach on what is called the "Carefree Hwy." It was a newly paved two lane highway... continued

UFOs: A Modest Proposal by Will Hart

April 24, 2004
While the objectives of the Disclosure Project are laudable, by now ufologists surely realize that the government is not going to cooperate by opening the secret files. Instead of throwing in the towel or hanging our heads I think it... continued

Were the Visitors Real, or Only a Dream

April 22, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters, we present a letter from "Greg," who says: After really, really careful consideration, I've decided to write you. Recently, I read your book "The Communion Letters" three times. Though I have no recollections... continued

Messages from Gray Monkeys

April 14, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters series, "Deb" writes: At approximately age four I climbed into bed with my parents because I remember feeling sick that night, and it seems as if I had had a nightmare. We lived... continued

Biblical Gods & Mutants by Will Hart

April 8, 2004
The Elohim, Sons of God, & the Nephilim The genesis account of the Old Testament is an amazing document. It is a condensed history that is full of encrypted messages, which have been only partially understood down through the generations.... continued

The Haunted Doorbell

April 7, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters series, "Chip" writes: We have this electric doorbell. It works via a transmitter switch on the outside of the front door. Its normal sound when the button is pressed is supposed to be... continued

The Coming Oil Shortage

April 3, 2004
Oil expert Matt Savinar writes: Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky conclusion of a religious cult, but rather the result of diligent analysis sourced by hard data and the scientists... continued

My Copy of The Key was Stolen by an Alien

March 31, 2004
"Steve" wrote us a new Communion Letter saying his copy of The Key was stolen--by an alien. He says: First I want to tell you that I have had visitor experiences since I was at least seven years old. I... continued

A “Classic” AbductionBefore Such Things Existed

March 25, 2004
In our new Communion Letters series, we present the experiences of "Dave," who writes: Before I relate my experience, I would like to preface it by saying at that time it occurred (in 1974) there was NO information or talk... continued

Politics and

March 18, 2004
These days as never before, Americans are inflamed by politics. Radio and television commentators cynically howl out extremist poppycock in order to get attention and the ratings and money that go with them. The print media panders to the powers... continued