Former Arizona Gov. Now Admits Seeing UFO by Leslie Kean

March 19, 2007
Keep up with the work of Leslie Kean, click here. Ten years after the Arizona UFO incident known as the "Phoenix Lights," former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington III now says that he himself was a witness to one of... continued

What REALLY Happened at that O’Hare UFO Sighting by Leslie Kean

March 19, 2007
On Nov. 7, during the late-afternoon rush at Chicago's bustling O'Hare International Airport, something truly astonishing happened. Pilots, managers and mechanics looked up from their ground positions at the United Airlines terminal and saw an odd, disc-shaped object hovering silently... continued

The Tomb of Jesus: Casket of the King of the World by William Henry

March 7, 2007
"Cameron Crazies"it used to be that they were just the fanatical student supporters of Duke University's basketball teams, named for Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. However, after the hubbub around the release of Cameron's film The Tomb of Jesus, I'd say... continued

A Meeting With Heroes in Los Angeles by William Henry

February 15, 2007
There's a favorite painting of mine called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," that features Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean sitting at the counter in a diner and being served by Elvis. I had a "Dreamland" moment like that while... continued

Pennsylvania High Strangeness in 2006 by Stan Gordon

February 2, 2007
Pennsylvania has had a long history of encounters of the unusual kind. From yearly sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects to observations of mysterious creatures, the 2006 year was no exception, as mysterious incidents were reported by residents of the Keystone... continued

Aliens and Angels

January 9, 2007
This is the only poem we have ever published as an Insight. The reason we are publishing it is that it captures the essential ambiguity and complexity of the close encounter experience in just a few well-chosen words. Aliens... continued

Sleepless, Cold and Miserable in Seattle

December 23, 2006
112 mph winds hit upon us in the Seattle area 9 days ago. Still 96,000 w/o power in King County. 12 dead, many injured or hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisonings. Many live wires down yet. One man and his dog... continued

The Truth from Baghdad

June 21, 2006
CONFIDENTIAL MEMO FROM: US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Baghdad TO: Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State SUBJECT: SNAPSHOTS FROM THE OFFICE SENSITIVE Published: 20 June 2006 1. Iraqi staff in the Public Affairs sector have complained that Islamist and Militia groups have... continued

A Journey in Time

June 2, 2006
This description of either a remarkable dream or experience was received today, and is published with the kind permission of its author. It could be that an actual movement through time might feel something like this. Last night I had... continued

Kecksburg Witness Found by Brian Vike

May 14, 2006
Date: December 9, 1965 On December 9, 1965 hundreds of eyewitnesses watched an amazing object streak across the sky, the object was witnessed from Canada all the way to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania where the object crash landed. Soon after it was... continued