Insight into the Media by Anne Strieber

July 15, 2010
I have recently had the thrill of having my “letter to the editor” published in one of my favorite magazines, the July 12- 19 edition of the New Yorker. But it also gave me an insight into how the media distorts and modifies all sorts of information. One thing I didn’t realize is ... continued

Why Don’t the Visitors Help Us?

June 18, 2010
More and more, I’m being asked the question, why don’t the visitors intervene in one or another catastrophe? Most recently, the question has taken on much greater intensity: why don’t they help us clean up the BP spill? These are fair questions, and they have clear answers. First, the visitors do not have a relationship with ... continued

Disappearances in Indonesia

May 29, 2010
An reader, Alan Lamers, working on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia reports that many people are disappearing in the jungle, apparently due to a very unusual form of abduction that takes place if they wear certain colors. Some are returned, but generally with no memory of what happened to them. His report follows: I ... continued

Reigniting the Cauldron of Conspiracy on Egypt’s Most Sacred Ground by Andrew Collins

May 25, 2010
What has been going on at Giza? Are there clandestine excavations taking place? Are artifacts being spirited away from newly uncovered “treasure chambers” or “record chambers” situated deep beneath the Sphinx? And how do these claims relate to the discovery in 2008 of a previously unrecorded cave complex on the opposite ... continued

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Urges Obama Continue Moon Missions

April 24, 2010
Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, urges President Obama to continue moon missions as an important flight destination for testing advanced, next generation rocket propulsion systems, and close-to-home team building. Mitchell, a strong proponent of a manned mission to Mars, sees moon ... continued

What to do During an Earthquake

March 12, 2010
The world is presently being stalked by earthquakes. This offering is from a long time professional in the field of disaster rescue, BUT it is also disputed by other experts. Please read it, but read the expert opinion about it at, also. You can read Snopes’ article here. Bottom line: understand the structures you ... continued

A Prediction about Time Travel by Anne Strieber

March 3, 2010
I predict that in the future, we will learn how to travel through time. This won’t happen in 2010, but it MAY happen in the next decade. Every time I’ve interviewed a quantum physicist on Dreamland, I’ve asked them the question, “Is time travel possible?” and every one of them has said, ... continued

Brazilian Military Document Confirms UFOS Under Intelligent Control

October 24, 2009
From Brazilian investigator A. J. Gevaerd: Date: October 23, 2009 10:32:25 AM PDT Brazilian military document confirms UFOs “solid” and under “intelligent control.” In the document detailed below, the following statement appears: “As a conclusion of the observed constant facts in almost all presentations, it is the opinion of this Command that the phenomenon ... continued

Synchronicities and the Dreamland Stargate Experience

October 13, 2009
Exploring the reason why Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, William Henry, Brandon Scott, and Starfire Tor have been experiencing inter-connected and profound synchronicities and experiences that point to something extraordinary and powerful happening at the 10-16-09 through 10-18-09 Dreamland Stargate Experience in Joshua Tree. Wed, September 16, 2009 Starfire Tor wrote: Through Facebook I was contacted by the ... continued

Major Brazilian UFO Document Release

October 5, 2009
The Brazilian Government has released a large number of previously secret UFO documents, including documents about May 19, 1986 which involved extensive UFO sightings by both civllians and military, and many air force jet scrambles. From Brazilian National MUFON Director, A.J Gaevard: This is to inform that Brazilian Government has just declassified a new set of significant ... continued