Major Revelations on Dreamland

May 15, 2001
Both guests on Dreamland on Saturday night made major revelations in the areas of interest. Our first guest, Terry Hansen, along with such authors as Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State is a member of a new wave of UFO researchers who concentrate not on sighting ... continued

God Laughs and Plays

April 16, 2001 offers this sublime sermon for Easter reading. It is one of the greatest things ever said by man in service of God. It was written by Johannes Eckhart, known as Meister. He was a Dominican monk, a German, who was born in around 1260 and died in approximately 1328. During his ... continued

CSICOP Founder Says Denial is not Skepticism

April 13, 2001
Marcello Truzzi, one of the founders of CSICOP, has allowed this essay to be reprinted on an important new website, This website is part of a sea-change now taking place in science over the UFO question. The physical evidence is no longer being ignored or dismissed out of hand ... continued

The WTO’s Water Monopoly Plans

April 7, 2001
Our New Resource Crisis By Peter Phillips Monsanto plans to earn revenues of $420 million and a net income of $63 million by 2008 from its water business in India and Mexico. Monsanto estimates that water will become a multibillion- dollar market in the coming decades. Imagine, that we are beyond the energy crisis-in that we ... continued

Hillary’s Haunted Neighborhood

April 5, 2001
This story appeared in the January 25, 2001 edition of UFO Roundup (Vol. 6 no. 4) It is especially interesting in view of the fact that it has been revealed in the Robert Hanssen spy investigation that the FBI has been using tunnels under the Russian Embassy in the same ... continued

The Mystery of Pine Gap, America’s Most Secret Base

March 28, 2001
The full text of this article, which concerns the apparent preparation of Australia as a refuge of some sort, is available at Rumor Mill News. THE PURPOSE OF PINE GAP Some ... continued

They’re Spying on Us

March 21, 2001
Our government spied on the Soviet Union for decades, but now that the cold war is over, theyre aiming their sights on us. The April 2001 issue of Popular Mechanics reveals that two powerful intelligence gathering tools the U.S. created to eavesdrop on the Soviets are now being used to monitor ... continued

Bullying and Murder in Our Schools

March 10, 2001
A national culture of violence and large schools that breed alienation are behind the U.S. school shootings, according to Jerome Freiberg of the University of Houston. They happen most often at large rural or suburban schools, “where people would never believe it would happen.” He spoke at an international conference ... continued

Scientific Evidence of Life After Death Continues to Grow

March 8, 2001
Taken together, two recent scientific studies offer powerful evidence that the soul persists after death, and that souls can be communicated with. The first of these studies was conducted by Dr. Peter Fenwick, a consultant neuropsychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and Dr. Sam Parma, a clinical research fellow ... continued

Prince Charles’s Extraordinary Reith Lecture

February 10, 2001
SACREDNESS & SUSTAINABILITY: A REFLECTION ON THE 2000 CENTURY HRH The Prince of Wales BBC Reith Lectures, May 2000 In this extraordinary lecture, Prince Charles makes a stirring argument that we must re-introduce the sacred into our society if we are to survive. He gave this talk at the conclusion of the annual Reith ... continued