My NFL Addiction: UPDATE

January 24, 2014
The Winter Olympics are about to start and NFL football is about to end. I have to admit that I’m not terribly interested in luge. In fact, this is always a season of regret for me, my favorite sport is... continued

Facing the Most Holy Mystery

November 7, 2013
In my present state of life, the question of whether or not we survive death has become of great interest to me. If we don’t, then I’m never going to know, so that doesn’t really bear much thinking about. But... continued

A Tidy Ghost and a New Adventure

October 17, 2013
Funny about being sick—I find myself more interested in everyday life than in anything supernatural. And yet, ghosts are still wandering through our lives. For instance, a ghost has turned up to help my maid for two weeks in a... continued

The Last Forgiveness

September 15, 2013
Now comes the last forgiveness—my mother, who killed herself when I was seven years old. If I had killed myself when my child was that young, I have wondered, would I feel guilty, looking back from beyond life? I think... continued

A Cat Dies with Dignity

August 25, 2013
When my dead cat Coe came to me during my near-death-experience over a decade ago and showed me that I had to learn to put my burdens down, I realized that cats have a special relationship with the afterlife. The... continued

Now for the Big One

August 13, 2013
When my dead cat Coe took me to the World of the Dead during my first stroke in 2004, he showed me that it would one day be important for me to put my burdens down, and one of he... continued

The Empty Space

July 25, 2013
I've noticed that certain people have more of a relationship to the dead people in their lives--what we might call ghosts--that others. Psychic mediums are like this--perhaps because the have one foot in each world. The dead often show themselves... continued

Dad’s Coming (Hopefully Not Soon)

July 16, 2013
A weekly reading and discussion group Whitley and I are in seems to fixated on the subject of death right now, which is something that those of us who are actually FACING IT find distressing--I would much rather talk about... continued

Gays and California Proposition 8

July 6, 2013
I was so glad to hear that the anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8 has finally been overturned b the California state supreme court. I NEVER thought that a state with TWO mostly gay cities--West Hollywood and San Francisco--could ever have voted for... continued

Why Life is a Can of Tuna

June 28, 2013
Now hat I have a serious case of cancer (I go for radiation 5 days a week and take chemotherapy in pill form every night),I've begun to wax philosophical. Some of the best philosophy I've read is from Bucky the... continued