Two Surprising Events

July 27, 2009
We were recently invited to be in a couple of events of the kind we don't usually participate in. One of them was Comic- Con in San Diego, where Whitley signed and talked about his graphic novel The Nye Incidents.... continued

Trickster Coyote

June 29, 2009
Many Native American tribes have a deity called "Trickster Coyote," who plays pranks on people in order to bring them enlightenment. From reading so many letters, I can attest that the Visitors often do this to people. Whitley himself has... continued

Tool Users

June 8, 2009
Humans are basically tool users. That's what separates us from other primates (although chimps use twigs to dig for termites). Neurologists have discovered that that SAME PLACE in the brain lights up when males visualize either tools or attractive females!... continued

Getting by Giving

May 31, 2009
Sometimes what looks like giving really is getting, but it's hard to convince other people of that. It's equally hard to convince YOURSELF. I've had several instances of this in my life. One was our adoption of our goddaughter. One... continued

Gone for Soldiers

May 18, 2009
Whitley and I just had one of the most profoundly moving experiences of our lives, one which was also a real privilege to be part of. It was also one of the most painful experiences we've ever had. It made... continued

Frustrations: Shedding by Shredding

May 4, 2009
Whitley is busy rewriting his new novel. He has a deadline and is under a lot of pressure to finish, which doesn't always put him in the best mood. I, as his Muse, am busy shredding the old, discarded manuscript... continued

Like Radar…But Different

April 22, 2009
We recently experienced one of the exciting things about living in LA: we were invited to a screening of a major motion picture. I haven't been to many of these, but I've noticed that I always like the film in... continued

Pagan Adventures

April 4, 2009
I once got angry, because after I mentioned Wicca in passing during a Dreamland interview, someone wrote in and said (accusingly) is Anne Strieber a pagan? I denied it then, but now I'm beginning to think I wouldn't mind if... continued

What the Bleep

March 8, 2009
Whitley usually appears on television alone, but occasionally I get to make an appearance as well. One of most enjoyable things Whitley and I ever did together was to participate in a live radio show in front of an audience... continued


February 17, 2009
If I were to describe my religion, I would say that I'm a Christian with a dash of Wiccan and some Buddhism thrown into the mix, so when we went to Las Vegas on business lately, I thought I'd try... continued