Now hat I have a serious case of cancer (I go for radiation 5 days a week and take chemotherapy in pill form every night),I’ve begun to wax philosophical. Some of the best philosophy I’ve read is from Bucky the Cat, of the "Get Fuzzy" comic strip.

According to Bucky, "Life is like a can of tuna–it’s messy, it stinks, you can fit all the good bits in one bowl, some cans are better than others and every now and then a bone pops out–BUT YOU STILL EAT IT!

I’m at a period in life when a bone has popped out, but I’m still lapping up that tuna.

My chemotherapy hasn’t caused me to lose any hair yet, but I’ve got my wigs ready, and when I do, I expect I will receive compliments on my hair (something I NEVER get when wearing my REAL hair).

I have some of the best doctors in the world working with me, and I’m on a strict anti-cancer diet.

While this diet is designed to reduce your glucose (which cancer cells feed on) and substitute ketones (which cancer cells don’t like), it also functions as a weight loss diet and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on how slim I look. I just politely tell them "Tank you," the way I used to do when complimented on my hair.

I’ve become one of those people I used to disdain–people who can’t eat this or that and who seem extremely picky when it comes to food. There are lots of things on this diet that I can’t eat that I COULD eat on a regular weight-loss diet, such as tomatoes.

I also try to be polite when people tell me about their sure fire "cures" for my condition (i.e. eat a dozen lemons a day). Here’s more wisdom from Bucky: "I moved beyond ‘facts’ along time ago. Facts are for people who can’t create their own truths. FACT.."

I sometimes feel like the "funnies" have been written just for me. Right after my brain operation on May 1st, I opened up the comics to read this exchange in "Dilbert:" A man comes into an office cubicle, and a woman (holding a cell phone) says to him, "It’s your surgeon. He says he might have left something inside you."

The man exclaims, "What? Sponge? Scalpel?"

She says, "No, his watch, keys and wallet. He says he used your torso to store his valuables while he went for a run." Than a "meow" sound comes out of the man’s chest.

At least I haven’t experienced THAT particular bone yet!.

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  1. This post made me cry and
    This post made me cry and then laugh in the space of a couple of minutes. Please know you have all the love and positive energies your many readers can send to you.

  2. Oh Anne, so sorry you have to
    Oh Anne, so sorry you have to go through this . Sending prayers and love !

  3. Hang in there Anne. I was
    Hang in there Anne. I was diagnosed with a very rare form of sarcoma in the fall of 2009. Met a wonderful Dr at UCLA who is one of the best in the Country when it comes to sarcoma’s, and he did everything he could to help. I’m still here after radiation a second and third surgery, and six months of chemo. As one of the women in my cancer group at the Wellness Center in pasadena said “on my tombstone it should read ‘but she looked so good'”. we all laughed at that one. Every day is a good day. Every morning when I open my eyes I think, ‘cool, I’m back! I am sending you healing prayers.
    ps. We met briefly at a book signing shortly after my second surgery at a little book store in Burbank. I think Whitley said something about it being the same week as comiccon. I mentioned to Whitley about possibly getting JP Skipper on dreamland as a guest and you wrote down my request.

  4. Anne,
    Bless you at this time


    Bless you at this time and know that many of us are looking over you. Don’t get creeped out! I mean it in a good way! 🙂

    I remember when my dad was diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago. It was not easy for him, but he made the very best of it. He was a man who loved his sleep and napping whenever possible. For him it was recreation. Once he was diagnosed, he took full advantage of this and realized now he needed no excuses to take a nap! Woo-hoo! More Dreamtime!

    Take care, and work in some extra Dreamtime…

  5. Our beautiful Anne. Many of
    Our beautiful Anne. Many of us have YOU and WHITLEY in our thoughts at this time and that you both heal from this physical setback. I believe we are ALL soul mates here at your website.

    Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day

    Think on This…
    (Q) Please explain for me what is meant by “soul-mate” . . . (A) Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another; as would be the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise; or in any such where they are a complement one of another–that is what is meant by “soul-mate.” Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help.
    Reading 1556-2

  6. NO! Say it’s not so.
    Ok –

    NO! Say it’s not so.
    Ok – Denial phase finished. VERY sorry to hear this, Anne!
    Know that we’re all pulling for you out here, and hoping for your full recovery – which will, of course, mean that we will get more “Anne’s Diary” entries! 😉
    Perhaps the Visitors can be convinced to intervene… (?)

  7. I am SO sorry to learn that
    I am SO sorry to learn that you still have so many challenges in your life but I want you to know something: I took up this hobby/journey of learning about the paranormal and related topics, to distract myself and strengthen my soul as I live in difficult family circumstances which will continue for another decade at least. Your articles and comments always inform and entertain, and I read each of them several times. Please know that the effort you put forth to provide material for this website is much appreciated. My circumstances are not life-threatening, but exhausting none the less, and I always learn and grow from your work, and Whitley’s and William’s as well. I wish I could be as good a friend to you as you are to me. Thank you, dear Anne.

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Anne. Love your attitude about life in spite of the bones in your tuna 🙂

  9. Great insights to be found
    Great insights to be found with your tuna resource. Funny how we tend to get embroiled in our thoughts and peccadillos. I have derived much fulfillment from the interviews with contactees, news selection stories on this site and your laugh at Dreamland Festivals. I and many others hold you in our thoughts and energy.

  10. Praying for the best for you
    Praying for the best for you and Whitley in this time. You both have been so generous, gracious, and faithful in waking many of us up to help us, help ourselves to focus on what is next…I love you both!

  11. Anne, I received this from a
    Anne, I received this from a friend today and thought it to be synchronistic to your new Anne’s Diary….. (Why Life is a Can of Tuna). Perhaps you have already viewed it.

    This is about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on tour in Memphis, Tennessee, in
    2007. A little girl had been admitted to St. Jude’s Hospital with an
    aggressive form of brain cancer. She had her first chemo treatment so she
    shouldn’t be in crowds and couldn’t attend the Mormon Choir’s concert the
    night before. Somehow her family sent a request and ask if some of the choir
    members, maybe, could meet the young girl at a hotel lobby. Here is what
    happened, when the little family, so distraught with their daughter’s
    cancer, walked into the lobby! It is one of those moments, and their wise
    choices of songs so beautiful!

    I found this update…..

  12. Anne,
    I owe you and Whitley

    I owe you and Whitley so much. I wish I could give something tangible back.
    Thank you for keeping up the good fight. However, I know there is much, much more to come.
    You are both in my thoughts and may you find light of healing in the now.
    A specific portion of my prayers are for you!
    With much love,
    Plus Luminis

  13. Hello Anne –
    I am a long time

    Hello Anne –
    I am a long time fan of Dreamland and Unknown Country…back when Whitley used to fill in for Art Bell on Sunday nights on the radio and before I had a computer and only had acess to Unknown Country on the radio. I was shocked to learn that you have cancer now on top of the aneurisms(sp). I am thinking of and praying for you and Whitley both, and truly wish you a swift recovery.
    Much love…

  14. My prayers are with you,
    My prayers are with you, Anne. Sending you healing energies and much love.

  15. I am sure that you know that
    I am sure that you know that MANY MANY people love you Anne even though most of us have never met you or Whitley….Your love of each other and life and humor and communication is obvious and much appreciated by your readers and fans/friends….Please know you are loved and are in all of our prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery….Thanks to you and Whitley for caring and sharing with us for these many years….letting some of us glimpse truths and ideas and unique aspects of our very mystical lives…these glimpses no one else on the planet have been able to give us except for you two…big hugs n positive thoughts…always wanted to meet you guys but could never afford to go to your yearly dreamland festivals they must be awesome…take care relax and keep up your positive thoughts….we love you guys…
    Jeff aka…

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