There’s an old saying: "In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." I experienced this recently when Whitley had cataract surgery in one eye. He was having terrific trouble driving at night, and I suspect this is why he got the warning dream from his dead little dog Candy when we were in the UK.

Whitley and I were in the Gurdjieff "Work" for years, and although we no longer attend meetings, we have never forgotten what we learned there. Basically, it has to do with "waking up," with becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings. Buddhism has some of this philosophy in it, and Whitley’s book The Path explains the meditation techniques he learned in The Work (and found effective when it came to contacting the Visitors). As part of my Work, I try to be aware of the wonderful things I see on the long walks we take as our daily exercise, instead of simply being lost in my thoughts, so I’m always stopping Whitley and saying things like, "Look at that incredible tree!"

In the past, I was always the one who initiated these observances. But now that Whitley has one clear eye, he’s more often the one who notices the beauty around us and points it out to me. Since cataracts form gradually, he hadn’t realized that he wasn’t really seeing colors anymore, so everything is almost "new" to him: the many heartbreakingly beautiful blue hues of the sky, the various delightful green tints of the grass, the wonderfully colorful flowers in the gardens we pass.

Soon he will have a cataract removed from the other eye, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like with TWO new eyes!

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