In tough economic times, the Presidential election is practically handed to the other party. What happened this time? I think women made the difference.

Woman make up the majority of voters in this country, so it’s always a mistake to alienate them.

First of all, a Republican made a major gaffe: Republican representative Todd Akin used the unfortunate term "legitimate rape," and said that women have a biological reaction to rape that makes rape victims unlikely to get pregnant.

And Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (another Republican) added the final touch by saying said that pregnancies resulting from rape are part of God’s plan, that they were "intended to happen."

These statements were repellent to women, but what most disturbs me is that both candidates obviously flunked sixth grade biology class. Someone with this little grasp on scientific knowledge is not qualified to represent anybody, let alone vote in congress on the major issues facing us now, many of which have to do with scientific concepts like climate change.

Also, Todd Akin and Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan once teamed up to try to pass a law stating that a fertilized eggs should be considered to be a human being. Several states have tried to pass similar laws (despite the fact that they are unconstitutional), which would outlaw not only abortion, but many types of birth control pill as well.

And there is an unforeseen "slippery slope" that goes along with a law like this: A woman who has a miscarriage could be arrested for manslaughter if she was shown to have done things that may have caused it, such a drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or even horseback riding. These days, pregnant women are cautioned not to do any of these things (and more), but there are probably still women who don’t listen, and believe me, it would only be a matter of time before some pro-life legislator in some Southern state tried to make a name for himself by doing something like this.

Another reason that women voters stayed away from the Republican party was that Ryan went on the record saying that he was for cuts to social security and Medicare, maybe even changing Medicare to a "voucher system." Women are often the ones who take care of aging parents, and they could imagine having to make the terrible choice between putting their kids through college and taking care of elderly relatives.

While railing against the fact that too much of our national budget is being spent on the these types of "entitlements," Republicans seemed oblivious of the fact that, if you draw up your monthly budget as a "pie," the "slices" in that pie don’t always stay the same–they vary according to your needs. In other words, if you’re paying that college tuition, that slice gets bigger, then when your kids leave home and get a job, it shrinks down to almost nothing, and since the large number of baby boomers born after World War II are now getting old, social security and Medicare are bound to take up more of our budget.

I think that the Republican emphasis on immigration reform was another nail in their female coffin this year–one that not many people noticed–because women are the ones who work most closely with maids and gardeners, many of whom are from Mexico, and we now how hard these people work, what strivers they are.

Last of all, women are so often the referees among family members, showing siblings and in-laws how to compromise. There is a wonderful Jewish phrase: "shalom bayit," which means "peace in the house," and if we can do it in our own homes, we can’t figure out why the Republicans in the House can’t bend a little more too.

It was their election to win, but they lost it, and I think this was largely due to women. And this doesn’t mean I’m a happy Democrat or a disappointed Republican. I’m just illustrating what happened. My own political preferences I’ll keep to myself.

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  1. Thank you my glorious and
    Thank you my glorious and long suffering sisters! It would not have been done without you!

    Alfred Lehmberg

    1. Of course, women were very
      Of course, women were very important to the outcome of the election, but they weren’t the only demographic group that played a significant role. Consider the Latino, Asian and African-American communities — and young people, too: they went for President Obama by huge margins. The Republicans grievously insulted African-Americans and Latinos by trying to suppress their voting with voter ID laws and very limited early voting hours and locations. People stood in lines for hours in places like Florida and Ohio. The attempts at voter suppression were outrageous, unconstitutional and very likely criminal.

  2. Ann, I agree with you
    Ann, I agree with you completely. What I don’t understand about the Republican party with this strategy is aren’t there Republican women out there who were alienated and turned off by this election? There are sophisticated, modern Republican women I am sure who use birth control and maybe even have had abortions. So why in the world would the Republican men go off the deep end with the bible thumping tactics? It is beyond me why they thought it was OK to insult American women. That’s one of the reasons Mitt Romney didn’t win the election.

  3. Totally agree, Ann. And of
    Totally agree, Ann. And of course their obvious commitment to racist policies doesn’t help their case with minority voters either…

  4. Republicans in the past 12
    Republicans in the past 12 years have gone off the deep end, and mentally it seems. They have become too right-wing for most people’s tastes. Not surprisingly enough, most of its supporters nowadays seem to come from the former Confederate states which ironically used to be Democrat. Old KKK and redneck country. Believe it or not, there are a few whites in the South (not saying that all are) that wish to go back to the old slavery days and own a couple of Negros here and there. The Republican party unfortunately caters to racists and oligarchs these days. It’s probably the reason why more than half of America is turned off by them.

  5. How the Republican Party in
    How the Republican Party in its present form can continue to exist is beyond me. I have a feeling that they are in for some big changes.

  6. @Bearing…that is the most
    @Bearing…that is the most ignorant post I have read in a long time-lol.
    The red states are mostly rural. They mistrust any government wheather it’s white or black. Sure there’s racists, there are many up North and amongst minorities themselves. Most red states are independant-minded folks who have worked hard for what they have, and mistrust any government control. It is also a Bible belt mentality, and people are a might stubborn to change. But they are not all KKK racists, that’s well, a racist’s comment in itself.
    I am a “Cynical Democrat” I vote for the them because they seem to take the high road on issues and try to level the playing field for the middle class. It is the party of Andrew Jackson- a southerner. It don’t matter really, until we have campign finace reform teh real rich puppet masters will donate to BOTH parties to hedge teh outcome- wake up and stop rooting for your team- they both are corrupt.

    1. Um, Andrew Jackson?

      Um, Andrew Jackson?
      Jackson’s Democratic Party is what we today call the Republican Party, which, I would argue, can by no means be set apart as “independant-minded folks.” That’s why the majority of them gobble up the trash that is spewed from the likes of FOX News or blindly follow outdated, irrational and intolerant Christian views.
      MOST folks, despite political affiliation, have worked hard for what they have. That’s not a quality owned soley by conservatives or people living in red sates. In fact, the Conservative Republican leadership makes up the biggest percentage of people who really have NOT worked so hard for what they have.
      Also, you’re saying these people detest ANY government control or involvement? OK, how ’bout farm subsidies, public schools, libraries, police, fire and medical research? Roads? Bridges? Social Security? How ’bout the role government plays in keeping corporations in line. I know, I know, corporations are people, right? Corporations would never act in any way that might be harmful to the masses, right? Corporations would never taint our air, water or food, right?
      I’m not saying that the government, under either party, totally spends in a responsible way, but Republicans, despite their rhetoric, actually have the worst track record for responsible spending. Government’s primary goal should be to protect its citizens, a mission that has been most violated by Conservatives in the last few years.
      Moreover, MANY folks in rural areas of the south ARE racist. I know. I come from a very rural area in Northern Florida. I’ve heard it said many times by both young and old alike that, despite once considering themselves Democrats, they “just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man.” So, they opt for an idiot.
      I do, however, agree that both parties are corrupt, though Republicans are in the lead in this matter. Still, we have to choose someone, right?

  7. The Republicans are going to
    The Republicans are going to have to accept the fact they cannot elect a president without the support of women and minorities, not to mention older voters, who are more likely to require so-called “entitlements”. I do not understand the right’s fear of social programs, although I confess I am a Canadian. As a society, are we not judged by how we treat the most vulnerable among us? And is that not the primary message of Christianity, which so many Republicans openly profess to follow?

  8. James Day, the good thing
    James Day, the good thing about this place is that I really do NOT have to agree with you.-lol By reading my last post you’re assuming I am a Democrat. I am not. There were TWO other choices other than Democrat and Republican on the ballot. Use your head and guess which one I chose. And yes, the South IS RACIST…let’s not kid ourselves. If that comment upsets you, it should, but it’s fact. The KKK was formed in the South, slavery was the lifeblood of the Confederacy, lynchings were widespread across the South, and blacks weren’t the only ones who were lynched, Jews and Italian immigrants were lynched as well. The South deserves to burn in its own acid bath. And by the way, James day, “teh” is spelled as “the”.-lol. It must be a Southern thing.-lol

  9. Reading the various Posts
    Reading the various Posts here gives me even more insight into why the current political system is dead, as well as the 2-Party system we still embrace. The Negative and often enough nasty comments above, along with our failed and negative political systems, our candidates negative campaigns, the useless and negative candidate debates and the negatively spun Media that runs the elections now (especially for the younger people sadly) for most of us, have successfully fused our Government and the system for electing our officials and Pure Negative Energy. We spend a few evenings for a bit more than an hour letting our candidates debate in front of us, so the American people can learn what some of the issues are, and how each candidate sees the issues and what vision they might have for it, if any. Sadly, the majority of our young people don’t read Newspapers any longer, or even reputable sources online, and when asked far too many talk about “How Presidential” each candidate seemed to be.
    This world of ours has become so complex that even many of the masters running it are having difficulty keeping up, due to much of the dumbing down of America that has been so successfully orchestrated. It’s true that men don’t often take the time to understand women’s issues, and women are so upset about it, they forget about issues that men focus on. It all seems to cascade over each other – infused with Negativity so that each side can’t see the other side through the smoke and haze. Is it women that made the difference, or was it really just Negativity overall. I do though agree with the women comments above, no arguments there.

    yet, we have a President that can’t seem to produce authentic birth records and used executive privilege to stop the investigations. We have a President that has really failed in almost every area that his 1st campaign was entirely based. His policies did less than nothing to produce any growth in jobs or gdp, let alone produce any vision for either. Yet, like many of you, I want and try to support him. I pay my taxes and even believe in paying taxes, and am teaching my children how to do so responsibly. I pay more in taxes that I will say here, but I am I guess part of the upper class that they are targeting with new taxes, like reducing the gift tax this year by a massive amount. My incentive to create more jobs and grow is stifled by so many of Obama’s policies.
    Yet, I am doing all I can to grow, just the same. I refuse to let this Negative world hold me back. Yet, while I am not a negative person by nature, I am one that has had it with the back stabbing negativity of others, the lies, and the Denial of ones own actions. People need to start looking in the mirror and take responsibility for their actions and face the music. We all need to take responsibility for this countries downward spiral of the last how many years, and try to do something about it. It’s not negative to take action against negativity and the BS that goes along with it. And if it is, then at least we are fighting for something good and positive, and maybe just allowing the law of 3 to play out, with some love and compassion for each other added to the mix for a change. Everyone talks about it on this site and so many others, yet read the posts. It’s enough to either make you laugh, get pissed or cry. I prefer to laugh in the end, and plan and work for a better day – if and when I can. Maybe, just maybe if we all started treating each other more positively, and when the problems come around, fight for what is right, and fight hard, yet give in to love and compassion whenever we can. If our candidates can’t act this way, like adults, then we should vote them and their views out of office. Do we really need a change in Policies, or do we really need a change in the way we treat each other? Codependent Americans need to unite and stop being codependent!

    I guess I got off the womens issues thing…

  10. I have been a registered
    I have been a registered independent voter since I was 18 years old. I was one of the first 18 year-olds to vote after the laws changed years ago (I’ll leave that up to ya’ll to do the math!) The law got changed because way back then, you had to be 21 to vote. After thousands of young men, without voting power, were slaughtered in Southeast Asia, it was decided that they should also be entitled to vote. A no-brainer, huh?

    Anyway, that being said, I want to thank you all for reminding me why I had to tune out this time around, and for the first time in all these many years, refused to cast my vote. My state just in the last couple of days has caused a sensation by posting a request for secession from the Union. This is all nuts.

    United we stand, divided we fall. Agree to disagree, but be civil to one another. Our future, and that of our children, depends on it.

  11. I’m happy to be corrected if
    I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong, Bearing, but I thought Greenwood, Indiana was famous as the birthplace of the KKK. At least, that’s the impression I got when I visited the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis.

  12. Isandhu, you will be happy to
    Isandhu, you will be happy to be corrected because you ARE wrong. -lol. The first Klan was founded on December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, TENNESSEE, by six veterans of the former Confederate Army. Not to sound annoyed, but next time, it would be wise to get your “impressions” from reading actual history books instead.

  13. An “actual” history book is
    An “actual” history book is no more (and probably a lot less) trustworthy than a reputable museum.

  14. Isandhu, your response is
    Isandhu, your response is flawed and there’s overwhelming evidence that you are wrong. The ORIGINAL KKK started in Tennessee which happens TO BE in THE SOUTH. Just because it RESTARTED in Greenwood, Indiana (supposedly) DOES NOT make it its birthplace since it started originally back in TENNESSEE. Seriously, Isandhu, how many times do I REALLY have to explain this to you? I would encourage you to please read more books in the future, assuming you are capable of that. I can’t stress this enough: It will un-Republicanize you and make you ACTUALLY smarter.

  15. I am in shock. I had to check
    I am in shock. I had to check the address bar to make sure I hadn’t been surreptitiously redirected to a Chris Matthews rant. Mrs. Strieber, this diary entry embodies all the arrogant, pompous, venomous, hypocritical snobbery that characterizes the Left in this country. Most of the posts that follow it are no better. Deny it all you like, you have defined yourself.

    By what divine power do you claim to know all that is in the minds of American women? I am female, 75, a conservative, and I firmly believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Most of my female friends and relatives agree with me (and we are born and bred CALIFORNIANS!). I will also have it known that I did not vote for Romney, as he represents most of what is wrong with the Republican party, as Obama does for Democrats. You couldn’t really tell the two men apart. Four years of the same old disastrous policies was quite enough.

    Who granted you the power to alter history and law? The Democratic party was founded as the party of Jim Crow laws and segregation. It was Republicans who fought a war against slavery. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution has the Federal government been granted the authority to regulate either abortion or marriage. These are state issues, and if a state wishes to ban, allow, or define either, it can.

    Your veiled, bigoted comment about “some pro-life legislator in some Southern state” epitomizes the behavior of the Left, to accuse everyone else of what you, yourself, are guilty. I’ve always known you are liberals, but it was not an issue until now, when you have chosen to make it one. My son’s only comment on this was, “tell me again why we give these people four dollars every month.” I realized I no longer had an answer.

    After I post this, I will end my subscription. My money will be better spent at Coast to Coast. I realize that Whitley often hosts the show, but that is OK. I have never heard him spew venom like you did here.

  16. Leave it to an uptight
    Leave it to an uptight Republican b**ch to leave such a nasty message.-lol There was nothing veiled or bigoted about this particular diary, Marlene DUMBlap. It appears from your latest diatribe that you’re the bigoted one. You may leave this site (and good riddance, because we don’t need you here) because of your misguided politics, no matter how screwed up they may be, but then again most right-wingers are screwed-up in some manner or another. Because of your post, DUMBlap I plan to renew my subscription for two more years. Bye-bye Marlene. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🙂

  17. Um, I keep hearing about what
    Um, I keep hearing about what Dems and Repubs did back in the old days. You know, the parties basically switched roles, right? The original Democratic Party, Marlene Dunlap, could not today be considered representative of Democrats.
    Oh, and Marlene, nobody granted Mrs. Strieber the power to change history or law. Her posts are the equivalent of the op/ed page in a newspaper. You know, where people give their opinions, observations and insites into matters.
    Also, nothing about what Mrs. Strieber has written is bigoted. And she DOES speak for a lot of women. Not all women, but many. More than you, Marlene.
    I would have to agree with the previous post. I think I’ll renew my subscription.

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