I woke up today (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend) and realized that I’d gotten a message from Dog. (God, in my own special vision. To learn more, click here.) This particular message was about time travel. It started this way: First of all, I opened the Wall Street Journal and saw a story that was headlined “Just Forget that It Ever Happened.”

As I had been waking up, I assumed that there’d been an earthquake, because everything seemed to be askew. Then things started changing in strange, subtle ways. As it happens, I had slept for many hours last night and extremely deeply (very unusual for me), and I thought what was happening was that I was slipping around in time, due to my long period of unconsciousness. Whitley worried, of course, that it might be my brain tumor, but as it has now faded, that doesn’t seem likely. I thought maybe that I had slept so deeply that I had literally become a little unstuck in time.

When Whitley was in college, he and his roommates played a practical joke on a friend that caused him to sleep for 24 hours. When he woke up, he was similarly disoriented.

I decided to get out of bed to check out what was going on. Things seemed to change size, which I found very confusing. But what would that have to do with time slips? It was as if my perspective was changing, and my brain wanted to catch up on the life I had missed by experiencing this extremely heavy sleep. I felt that something confusing had happened, and it felt as if I was unstuck in time.

By the time I was up and active, everything seemed to be the same again. I assumed that ‘Dog’ was letting me know that maybe I was wasting my time, and that I should have been sleeping less. Or maybe I was briefly living in two different realities at once. That’s certainly how it felt.

There were a few strange effects. I cleaned off my computer screen, as I do occasionally, because it had some handprints on it. A few moments later, it was dusty again, the handprints back. Was I living in two very close parallel lives at the same time? I really cannot say, but it could be.
I am finding it very difficult to put all this into words, because it was an experience of a kind that is outside of our knowledge and therefore language. But I do feel that I was experiencing a different relationship to time during this period.

Oddly enough, while this was happening to me, Whitley was emailing with our news editor, Kerry Beeson, about a new discovery that suggests that the future may be able to send messages back to the past.

Was some sort of message trying to come through?

I’m not sure, but I did very strongly feel the presence of Dog, joyously accompanying me on this strange journey. I’m stuck back in my usual time and place, but I’ve had a fun morning!

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  1. Very interesting share, Anne!
    Very interesting share, Anne! I have a similar feeling of disorientation often coupled w/a contradictory heightening of awareness when waking from a lucid dream (or moment of a lucid dream). I think lucid dreams are always some kind of intensely real experience. We may be experiencing something happening to an alternate self or our soul/light body may be travelling to different worlds/dimensions for any of a variety of purposes. I think there are an increasing number of time anomolies going on due to changes in our planet’s magnetic field. I also think people are less afraid to notice/acknowledge them. I am glad Dog accompanied you on your journey, keeping you safe 🙂

  2. Dear Anne,
    A neurosurgeon

    Dear Anne,
    A neurosurgeon friend of mine told me that deep sleep is the brain’s way of healing itself.
    He told me he often imagined putting orange cones around sleeping neurology patients, with a sign reading DO NOT DISTURB! BRAIN AT WORK!
    Sleep is not wasted time, and I’m so glad you and Dog (I agree completely with God as Dog, by the way) had a wonderful adventure!
    Keep up the good work. You are simply a treasure!
    My very best to you~

  3. The same type of thing
    The same type of thing happens to me once in a while. Great post Anne! Love and hugs!

  4. I agree with Blue that there
    I agree with Blue that there are an increasing number of time anomalies going on, perhaps due to magnetic changes, perhaps not. I had similar experiences with sleep and time a couple weeks ago, where I felt so sleepy in the daytime (most uncharacteristic!) that I lay down just for few minutes and ended up sleeping for five hours! What was also strange to me is that I roused a few times in between, but COULD NOT wake up, and every time I roused, things seemed to be moving all around me. I was pulled into sleep that whole week at the oddest times, falling asleep without any warning at all, but then it all stopped. Everything back to normal. ..but something feels very different. Don’t know what. A friend of mine reported similar experiences.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, Anne, and it is good to hear you joining in Whitley’s interviews. God bless.

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