Anne Richards, former governor of Texas, once said that George Bush Sr was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Blindingly wealthy Donald Trump seems to have the same problem when he characterizes Mexican immigrants as rapists. Our friends in Texas are going crazy over the suggestion that the border be closed. For one thing, there’s a popular golf course in Eagle Pass that is on both sides of it, so what happens there?

There is a flow of immigrants from Mexico to the US, and in particular Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, that is time-honored in its tradition. The first generation that arrives barely speak English. They work as pickers, gardeners, maids and so forth.

When they become a little more assimilated, you will find them working as mechanics, store managers and so forth. Then the next generation is doing much more distinguished things, acting in politics, joining the professions, becoming enterpeneurs and otherwise excelling.

Of course there’s a dark side. Nobody is disputing that. But the average Mexican immigrant simply is not part of it. They are just like anybody else, focused on that great American tomorrow, and their high expectations about their part in it. To dismiss them all as rapists is loathsome.

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  1. This is why I refuse to refer
    This is why I refuse to refer to the top 1% as “elite”: they’re not actually very elite, just elitist wannabees. And I’d certainly be preaching to the choir if I were to bring up the massive disconnect there is between that lot and reality.

    Happy Fourth to you and Whit, Anne! 😀

  2. Nice summary of the more
    Nice summary of the more typical Mexican immigrant experience, Anne!

    Like most successful Republican candidates of recent years, obviously Trump hopes to build up and ride a wave of fear, paranoia, disinformation, xenophobia, self-interest, and white-bread sloganeering (“Make American Great Again”) all the way to the White House. In short, they appeal to our darkest tendencies and desire for simple answers, a la Rush Limbaugh. Unfortunately, it’s a strategy that often works, mainly in the great middle of our country, so sadly I would not be stunned to find him becoming the next President.

    Let’s hope not, and Happy 4th of July!

  3. There is something terribly
    There is something terribly wrong with the American electorate, that such a substantial number of people are willing to believe lies like these extremists dish out. People like Trump and his ilk are an embarrassment to a great American political party. They make me just cringe, for one. What’s more, the mere fact that they are popular makes our country look weak to outside forces.

    Have a happy and SAFE 4th, everybody!

  4. Happy 4th to both you and
    Happy 4th to both you and Whitley, Anne.
    Whitley, I can’t agree with you more. I have wondered how in the world there are so many people who believe the trash they are told by the extremists. Cringe is a good word to describe how it makes me feel about these people.

  5. BRAVA, Anne!
    You hit the nail

    BRAVA, Anne!
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. From the appearance of so many candidates on the Republican side, what can we conclude? It seems to be very disorganized at best (just my opinion). But the fear-based campaign’s time has come and gone, with any luck. I SO hope that people will start waking up to the lies perpetrated by politicians (unfortunately on both sides of the aisle), and will do a bit of research for themselves to suss out the REAL truth behind all the frantic rhetoric!
    The Donald dug his own grave for his career this time. He’s become *persona non grata* of his own doing, and while being dumped by NBC, Univision and other corporations may not make a huge dent in his worth, I’d bet it stings a bit.
    And Whitley, you are so right! All these hats in the ring, along with the accompanying hate-filled, bigoted, fear-based rhetoric certainly does keep giving us a black eye with the rest of the world! And as you said, the intrusion of such an extremist wing has pretty much ruined what may have been a great political party at one time. At least, the old-times used to know how to cooperate with each other, and not play childish partisan games.
    Let’s hope that people start coming to their senses…

  6. PS – Ann Richards was one of
    PS – Ann Richards was one of my personal heroes, along with Molly Ivans and other women who saw fit to call a spade a spade in the world of politics. I miss them…

  7. Thank you Anne. As a United
    Thank you Anne. As a United States citizen living as an expat in Cuernavaca, Mexico, I can vouch for the fact that Mexicans are some of the hardest working and decent human beings I have ever met!

    Laurence Galian

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