Talk about revelations! I thought I knew everything about Whitley’s UFO experiences, but I’ve gotten two new pieces of information?one of them brand-new?which put it in a whole new light.

One of the pieces isn’t really new. I learned it about 4 years ago, when Whitley accompanied me to a psychologist, after I got home from being in the hospital for 6 weeks due to a burst aneurysm in my brain. I asked my G.P. for a reference to a “shrink,” because I wanted someone to discuss some of my feelings and reactions with. Whitley accompanied me, but when we got there, HE was the one who opened up.

He discovered this man was familiar with “Communion,” and found him to be very sympathetic and receptive, so he described going to our doctor in New York over 20 years ago, shortly after his abduction. After examining him, the doctor said, “You’ve been raped.” This would be an easy diagnosis for any physician to make, due to anal bruising and tearing, etc.

What blew me away was that Whitley had never admitted this to me, although I knew about the infamous rectal probe. He was brought up a Catholic, and the idea of being raped was deeply humiliating to him on a visceral level, even though, intellectually, he realized that he was a victim. I thought, “Our society has finally reached the place where we’re sympathetic to WOMEN who have been raped, but when the same thing happened to a man who talks about being abducted, he’s made a laughingstock!”

Then we went to a UFO conference a few weeks ago, where one of the speakers was Dr. John Lerma, the physician who tried to remove the implant in Whitley’s ear 10 years ago. He told me that he had given Whitley a blood test before the surgery, looking for an increase in white blood cells which would indicate the presence of a virus (which would mean that he would probably postpone the surgery).

But instead of this, he found there was a REDUCTION in the white blood cells called lymphocytes, a rare condition which has been found in astronauts who have experienced weightlessness! The only time Whitley could have been weightless was riding in some sort of craft with the Visitors.

I thought I had had all the puzzle pieces, although I haven’t yet been able to fit them together in order to figure out who, or what, the Visitors are, but now two more have appeared in this strange, quixotic quest for what really happened, and is still happening, to so many others.

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