From Whitley: Yesterday, I recorded an interview with a remarkable seer, Cherylee Black, who had perhaps the most intense experience with Anne of them all. As I have said before, I am no channel. But after the interview, Anne came through very clearly and powerfully. As she spoke, I recorded her words. She wanted this new diary to go with the show, so I will also read it at the beginning of Dreamland this weekend.


These are Anne’s words:

This is a diary about inner peace. Everyone has inner peace. Only we build a kind of shell around it. This shell is made up of fear and hate, but it’s a very brittle shell and you can break through it. You break through it by remembering your heart.

Remember what your heart was like when you were ten years old, open and willing. Whitley talks about real will all the time when he works with people. But this kind of will—the will of a child—is more real than the will of persistence and determination that he talks about. This is what Jesus means when he says “be as little children,” because it is innocent, and innocent will is like the will of God. So when you break through that shell that has been created in you by all the negativity that bombards us from every direction, and you find that place of peace within, it is just as fresh in you as it was when you were a little child.

 The whole journey of enlightenment starts with admitting that you are no longer a child but that the path to a new childhood is open. This path is a path to what I call a mature childhood, that is to say, innocence that accepts experience.

I’ve got more to say, but I can’t say it in words. When you recover your innocence, you will know what I did not say and could not say. It will be part of you for it belongs to every heart. It is very ancient and goes all the way back to a very basic discovery that caused all creation. It was the discovery that the universe wasn’t there. The instant that was felt—that absence—everything began.

 The heart of the matter was there before anything began. You can find that in yourself. That original seed of love is still inside you. So step out of the maze of confusion that is daily life and find your heart at the beginning of the world.

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  1. Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” comes to mind, especially the opening scenes showing the Creation.

  2. Leave it to Anne to always cut right to the heart of things with as few words as possible. Funny, I frequently look back on myself at precisely that age — 10 years old — to see what of my old self I can bring forward to the present. I never felt more alive than I did at exactly that period of my life. Many times I’ve wrestled with the unhappy thought that I will never be in that state of being again. Anne tells us otherwise.

  3. Yes there is much I can relate to. Thank you Anne and Whitley.

  4. A primal & expressive vignette. Thank you.

    * My special dedicated Live Journal blog honoring Anne & Whitley Strieber is titled,
    ‘ Magnum Opus: Gaia’s Omnipotent Symphony’, The text explores peace, hope & humanitarian healing. -Features organic iconography of the white plume moth (archetype of soul). x See:

    Prose & art: By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

    (Author & Reiki energy artist). x

    I have tried to email Unknown Country the link to share reciprocally with the community with no luck- I am therefore linking in the work directly, as I believe Anne & Whitley deserve to be honored via Unknown Country Journal. (Thank you Whitley for your acknowledgement of the homage feature).

    Many of my Live Journal entries & published works pay homage to Whitley’s vibrant creative talents. I appreciate your diligent support of both the spiritual & artistic community.

    Wishing Whitley & fellow members of Unknown Country a wonderful holiday season.

    Stephanie Lynne.
    (Crown of Thor). ~x~

  5. My husband Nick has the heart and wonderment of a 10 year old. Sometimes I feel so guilty for thinking that he is maybe emotionally immature but then I come back to my senses and I realize I’m the one who is impatient, jaded, angry,
    and that I should be more like him. He has a pure heart and I firmly believe he has many guardian angels looking over him. Otherwise, some of the things, many of them painful could have easily taken him out. I’m going to try harder Anne. Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much Anne and Whitley. This is the answer to every problem you will ever face. We are here to discover the truth of who we really are. We have to discover what is here and always was.
    To do this we must notice the stories we tell ourselves. Become AWARE of how the mind goes over and over the same stuff. Each time you are AWARE of how the mind uses the past and the future to identify “you” the grip loosens. Watch but don’t judge what you see it doing. It’s the judging that’s the problem. If you are hard on yourself for the stories in your mind, you are giving mind the power over you. Any kind of judgement only feeds the ego with the illusion that this stuff is valuable. Starve the ego to death, it’s on going vitality is like a wall that keeps you from seeing clearly who you really are. That is what Anne means about the shell! We put it there! Don’ t get discouraged ,the more you see, the more aware you become. The less the mind can grab you and take control.
    These are excerpts from”When Fear Falls Away” by Jan Frazier. I also recommend “The Greatest Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. There are many books out there from people who have awakened all will give understanding.

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