From Whitley: I am pretty sure I got a new Anne’s Diary at last. It happened this morning during my 3AM meditation, which was extraordinarily productive. For the past few nights, I have been getting waked up for it, which is always nice, but last night there was no wakeup. The result was that I started a bit late, at 5, but had a terrific experience anyway.

From Anne: “Anne is not me, but I am Anne. We live outside the flow of time and project our consciousness into it in the form of bodies, in order to learn and gain new knowledge, and to enjoy the experience of the unknown. I projected Anne. It is done randomly, except on very rare occasions. My little one found an extraordinary place in life. She acquitted herself brilliantly, and now, of all that I am, she is the most precious part. She has built a bridge of love between me and the one who projected Whitley into the world. This bridge is eternal.”

From Whitley: I cannot tell you how this makes me feel.After I heard it, I put my hand on the fingers where I wear our two rings and felt such joy flow through me that it was almost more than I could bear. Then I was just regular ole Whitley again. But for a moment, I felt my real place in the flow of being, and it was exquisitely beautiful.

I very well remember, soon after she passed on, Anne told me, “I’m not Anne anymore, but I’ll always be Anne for you.” I think that she is explaining, in this diary, exactly what this means. The ego does not survive death, but the person–the soul, if you will–does.

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  1. The teaching of Abraham hicks explained the same including that the one who past, not to look for them as they were but as they are now.

  2. This is so BIG, its amazing! So glad this happened. Really put one in a state of wonder!

  3. Only a hundred words here, yet filled with eternal meaning. Reminds me of the saying, “Fifteen years meditating, fifteen minutes with the visitors.”

  4. I was struck by the statement, “It is done randomly, except on very rare occasions.” What does that mean for the whole process of incarnation and learning lessons in this life?

  5. Author

    I wondered about that too. I don’t think that the lives we live here are based on a meritocracy. But rather the merit comes from the way we live them. In other words, because you have lived a good life does not mean you have some sort of nicer choice. At least, that’s what I think it means. On the other hand, so much of our understanding of how one life leads to another—especially, of course, in Buddhism—revolves around the idea that the way we live our present lives determines what our future lives will be. But how many people actually do that? Not many at all. I have a feeling that those of us who try to live lives in the spirit are the rare ones that are referred to.

    1. I’m thinking regardless the”good” life one has lived….the next one would consist of what ever would be most beneficial to the growth of soul. Refining…defining…developing that which has already begun to be imagined, and brought into the matter world. A yogi might end up a drunk on the next outing. . It’s not an up – down, high- low , good -bad thing, I don’t think. To me it’s more like, becoming….wide.

    2. I know this is old, but I just found it and couldn’t resist replying…in my personal experience, the sort of linear progression of time-past marching blindly into future-doesn’t exist in higher consciousness states, and that makes me suppose that it isn’t reasonable for us to suppose that one lifetime is somehow a linear “result” of the faults or virtues of a “past” one. It’s only speculation, of course, since all I have is what I’ve experienced, without any certainty of meaning or context, but my hypothesis is that the projection we make into this plane for the purpose of physical lifetimes, is based on sort of energetic themes of exploration, which may well shift as we gather intelligence, so that a lifetime could be lived a multiplicity of “times” in various ways, in order to explore all the possibilities presented.

  6. Oh, my. What profound statement. I am thrilled that her “little one” is the “most precious part,” but frankly, am not surprised. I’m so glad you got this beautiful message! Whitley, I’ve never seen that stunning photo of Anne before, but yet I have! Every time a white moth flies at me or near me, I think or whisper: “Hi, spirit of Anne.” Several times a tiny flash of the beautiful face above pops into my head. I even sometimes talk to “her” when I am alone and frightened. It makes me feel “connected.” My health is getting bad and I am just starting your Meditation series for help, too. Looking forward to seeing “A New World” on my Kindle tomorrow! Thank you again for sharing this.

  7. oh, wow…this is incredibly powerful and embracing and loving. Now I’m crying at work, thanks 🙂

    This REALLY resonates with me and instantly brought up memories of Bob Monroe & Bruce Moen’s work.

    Thank you, Whitley, for the life that you live, and for sharing it with all of us!


  8. ULTRA REALITY!!! That is the all encompassing realm of everything, that each of our Higher Selves inhabit.

  9. Author

    I manage to get these only very infrequently. If I’m going to post one it has to be really clear to me that it’s Anne.

  10. I’m very happy. This makes me understand I am on the right track. Well, one of the tracks.

  11. Anne’s statement, “I’m not Anne anymore, but I’ll always be Anne for you” aligns perfectly with what I have observed in Out-of-Body experiences with my wife, Karen, who passed on 15 years ago … And with other family that I have visited with.
    In my experience with those who have passed on, it is not that the Ego associated with their Earthly existence ceases to exist per se. The human personality is as Shakespear stated in As You Like It “All the world is a stage. And all the men and women merely players.”
    Once we leave this world, we drop the act with the costume. Then in communication with others we can (when deemed appropriate) shapeshift into the form that is most recognizable and/or suitable for the interaction or communication.
    My wife for example, will appear to me as the ego and form I knew, but I have watched her shift into many other male/female forms to relate with different individuals that she knew in other lives. I too have done the same thing, hundreds of times – wearing different forms from other lifetimes, sometimes “Alien” forms.

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