I was listening to Jeremy Vaeni’s terrific interview with Maxine Meilleur when I remembered my own moment of mediumship. We attend a study group on Tuesday nights, and many members of it are accomplished in things like mystical and alchemical studies. There is often a powerful sense of presence in the room.

I found myself looking at a figure standing behind one of the group members in a saffron robe. I asked the person (a woman) the figure was standing behind, “Do you wear a lot of orange?” I had not seen her in that particular color. She answered that she didn’t, but that wasn’t the end of it, I’m sure. I’ll see if the figure reappears, or if something else happens to further define the experience.

Orange is a color associated with abundance and energy, with healing and insight. Certainly, all of those elements are present in this powerful group.

Glennys Mackay of Brisbane, one of the most powerful mediums I’ve ever met, told me that she generally sees people’s dead friends and relatives standing behind them, and this is where I saw all that orange. So is this person being healed or given energy by a dead relative or friend who loves them? I wonder, and it also got me to thinking if there isn’t a larger message here: perhaps we can all be helped by our beloved dead, if we have the sensitivity to let it happen.

Read more about Glennys and her amazing mediumship in my diary Seize the Day.

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  1. I’m kinda envious of your
    I’m kinda envious of your study group Anne..seems fascinating and awesome!! 🙂
    Any tips on finding such a quality group for others in their community?

  2. SO GREAT to read your new
    SO GREAT to read your new contributions, Anne! We’ve all been missing your input, and the different take on things spiritual and ‘supernatural’ on UC.
    Might you be able to supply us with more of the significance of colors? I know that you’ve said that green was the color of the mystical or spiritual, and now orange is the color of abundance and energy. I’m fascinated by this, and would love to know if there’s more.
    Again, it’s great to see you back! Still, and always, sending positive healing energy your way (and to Starfire, too).

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