Andy showed up at the grocery store, and now Joe has shown up as well.

We go to a local discussion group on Tuesday nights, and right now we’re reading and discussing the mythologist Joseph Campbell. The last time we were there, Whitley kept seeing a man in a 3-piece suit and fedora standing in the corner. He was curious because this outfit was very UNlike what the folks in the discussion group wear.

He gradually realized the figure was Campbell, who had "dropped in" from the dead.

He mentioned this to the group and discovered that ANOTHER person had seen the same mysterious figure.

I wonder who will "show up" next?

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  1. I hope it’s nobody scary…
    I hope it’s nobody scary…

  2. Edgar Cayce used to see
    Edgar Cayce used to see strangers coming to his talks, and was told by his sources that those in the spirit world often drop in to learn about things that interest them or just to enjoy a concert or whatever. The veil between is really thin, and the dead can respond to the vibrations of people, events and subjects that resonate deeply with them.

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