Our good friend, wiccan Margot Adler died last week. Margot was an NPR reporter and she was also a Wiccan. We never knew for sure if she believed in an afterlife, but as the dead now so often appear in our lives, I wanted to get in touch with her spirit. But how to do this?

I remembered that Laurence Gardner told us that green was the color of magic, and Margot was as magical a person as I have ever met. So I decided to look for things that were green. But since we were visiting in the country, there was green all around us. Whitley said that I should look for things that are not normally green, if that was where I was hoping to find a sign.

I walked into a green hallway, I saw several men wearing green shirts, but none of this seemed somehow right. These were just ordinary experiences, not communications. Then I sent Whitley out to replace some tweezers which I had mislaid. One pair was an ordinary sliver color, but the other, to my great surprise, was the only pair of GREEN tweezers I’d ever seen in my life. It was a sign to me that Margot—or my love of our dear friend—was still around, working her Wiccan magic.

Margot wrote one of the great classics about alternative religion, Drawing Down the Moon. There is also an interview Whitley and I did with her in March in the Unknowncountry.com subscriber area.

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  1. Anne, you are a beautiful
    Anne, you are a beautiful shining gem. How i love reading your diary.

    Often it is said, one has a foot in the next world. I think that you have grown beyond some of the limitations we inherit when we enter this world at birth, and thus you are able to experience so much others only read about. Whitley also is that way.

    The truth as you know it, and the willingness to share that truth, despite what anyone thinks – is a gift much admired and so seldom shared in this world. Thank you both for that and everything else as well.

    1. Ditto!! 🙂
      Ditto!! 🙂

  2. Interesting story, Anne. I
    Interesting story, Anne. I wonder if green is said to be color of magic because the energy of magic is part of nature. Sad to hear of the loss of your friend. Happy to hear you received an acknowledgement from her 🙂

  3. you were lucky in finding a
    you were lucky in finding a sign. if i look for it it always disappears. i have learned to send my request out to the great mystery. it always gives me a sign when it gets ready. i think one of my life lessons is patience. anne you and whtley are in my prayers. i just finished miraculous journey, i will be posting a good review on amazon.

  4. Anne, as a practicing Wiccan,
    Anne, as a practicing Wiccan, I can say that most of its traditions believe in an afterlife in a realm called the Summerland. There may be differing views as to what a soul might experience there, but it’s generally regarded as a beautiful place of rest and contemplation. Given Margot’s zest for life, I suspect she believed her soul would live on after crossing over. Perhaps she is laughing and dancing there now! I do hope this information gives you some small comfort. Blessed Be.

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