While God appeared to me as my dead Siamese cat, He or She has been appearing to Whitley in his dreams lately in the form of a dog. I find this amusing, since dog is an anagram for God (in that it’s "god" spelled backwards).

I find this especially relevant since in the book of Revelations, in 1:8, 1:11 (which can also be read backwards!), 21:6 and 22:13, God says, "I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end."

Before you can understand this diary, you need some background information: I have been having a lot of trouble with an interviewee I’ll call "Bob" (another anagram!) He’s a popular guest, whose appearances on Dreamland must surely help his book sales, yet he’s very hard to deal with. He sends me blizzards of emails when he wants to do a show, none of them containing the information I need in order to schedule it.

He’s elusive and hard to get hold of for weeks, then he’ll suddenly he’ll send me an email, out of the blue, telling me how much he likes me and wants to get together, leaving me to think, "Is this person a friend, or not? No real friend treats another friend this way." I always make extra efforts to HELP my friends, and I imagine most people are this way.

He once told me a story about how a large dog he had once had had jumped up on him and inadvertently bitten off the tip of his nose, to the extent that he had to get plastic surgery to repair it. I had forgotten all about that incident, since he looks fine now, but you might say that, in his dealings with me and Whitley, he needs to be reminded of that old saying that many of us heard as children, "Don’t cut off your nose to spite your own face." In other words, don’t be your OWN bad luck!

When Whitley told me his latest dog dream, he said, "I dreamed about Bob’s dog." I had already gotten the message that when Whitley dreams about a dog, it’s a visit from God, and I realized that he was supposed to pass on the message about the dream to Bob so that he, hopefully, would realize that we were about to drop him from our show–which is so valuable to him–because he’s become so difficult to deal with.

When my cat Coe, in a near-death experience, took me to what looked like a subway or bus station, I realized that I was in the World of the Dead and the people waiting around with bulging suitcases and shopping bags were going to have to put their packages (obsessions and memories?) down in order to catch the bus or train to the next stop (heaven? reincarnation?)

From that experience, I seem to have been given the gift of interpretation, for which I’m very grateful. Whitley told Bob that he had dreamed about that dog, but I don’t know if Bob got the message. I guess you can only give out the wisdom you are lucky enough to get, but you can’t guarantee the person that you are offering it to will receive it.

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  1. After my Akita dog, Lucy,
    After my Akita dog, Lucy, died of cancer the day after Christmas 2008, I soon began the search for another dog from a reputable Akita breeder. Long story short, Lucy appeared to me exactly once in a dream during that time, and in an amazingly concise and symbolic sequence directed me to the exact breeder and exact puppy out of 6 in a litter, plus left a little mystery that resolved over time as further affirmation. Best of all, she was totally right, as Heather turned out to be the most beautiful, sweet, funny, amazing, and wonderful girl imaginable. We’re thankful every day for her, and for the male Akita we adopted later, Rio.

    Heather, Rio, Lucy, and Linus (a Keeshond) before them have all taught me valuable lessons about myself and the world, and I believe subtly revealed to me how love is what we’re all made from. So I’m not surprised that God appears to Whitley in dreams as a dog. I guess he’s a dog person and Anne is a cat person! 🙂

  2. I lost a siamese cat to
    I lost a siamese cat to severe diabetes on sept 7 2010. I have since been blessed with caring for 5 new cats from the street (yes we neutered all). Both dogs and cats are god’s gift of wildlife scaled down to human abilities to cope with it. Dogs are great but I tend to go with cats as the true masters (i’m probably wrong but with wishful thinking.) In any case, my dreams involve cats or a cat leading me on a journey up and down the wooden steps of that great, long, building, where to? Don’t know except the animal has great energy and I am following!

  3. For cat lovers check out the
    For cat lovers check out the first few chapters of ‘The Andreasson Legacy’. Then check out Becky Andreasson’s website!

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