I’m sitting in a wheelchair recovering from a stroke, so I find I need cheering up. Part of what I do is watch my clumsy husband lurch around, part of it is remembering all the funny stuff that has happened to me, and part of it is thinking about the funniest diary I ever wrote, and the events that it describes.

I don’t have much more to say than that right now, except that our family is as wonderful and funny as ever. Also, I might add that I’m doing better, finally EATING again rather than being fed through a tube. If you say "Glucerna" to me, I run even though I can’t move an inch! But I can’t fault the stuff, it kept me alive.

Do you dread tomorrow? There are lots of things we can ingest can to cheer us up, and one of these is vitamin D. New research shows that the link between low levels of vitamin D (which we get mainly from sunlight) and depression is established in childhood and that making sure that children have enough vitamin D could help reduce depression in adolescence, when the majority of suicides occur.

Besides sunlight, we can also get vitamin D from foods like oily fish and fortified breakfast cereals.

When a group of children’s vitamin D levels were tested when they were around 9 years old, those with higher amounts of the vitamin in their blood were less likely to show signs of depression at age 13, so make sure your kids play outside in the sunlight every day.

If you want to figure out if your favorite student is depressed, analyze the way he or she uses the internet. Researchers found that students who show signs of depression use the internet much differently than the other study participants. And no, they don’t watch more porn. Depressed students tend to use file-sharing services more than their counterparts, and also surf the internet in a more random manner, frequently switching among several applications.

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