I think the reason that UFO science never seems get anywhere, or manages to convince anyone (who isn’t already convinced) that the visitors are real, is because these so- called “researchers” are, for the most part, a bunch of big babies. They would rather scrabble with each other in the sandbox than do any real science.

When my son was a baby, there would be periods of time when he would cry, seemingly for no reason. This baffled me, because his pants were dry and he was well-fed. I eventually realized that what he wanted was attention. After a few years, he grew up and learned how to amuse himself.

This is something that a lot of Mufon folks need to learn to do. When we met the Australian medium Glennys MacKay at the Laughlin, Nevada UFO conference, I was appalled to find that the place was rife with lawsuits, all bogus. In one, a security guard had apparently been bribed to impersonate a legal official serving court papers, in order to try to stop a speaker from abroad from giving his speech. I assume this was done so that ANOTHER person could present the same information without being pre-empted. Since we have lots of lawyers in the family, we explained to the person involved why this was NOT an actual legal service. In impersonating an officer of the court, the security guard may have even broken the law.

I didn’t think UFO folks could stoop much lower than this, but now they have?now they have decided to try to break up a marriage. Their latest MUFON Journal claims that I told Glennys at a UFO convention in Brisbane many years ago that everything Whitley wrote about his visitor experiences was fiction.

Of course, they’re not going to succeed in breaking up our marriage. And sometimes I’m actually surprised that I DIDN’T think Whitley’s visitor stories were some kind of fiction, but the truth is, I never did?not for a moment. And Glennys certainly wouldn’t have gotten in touch with me again if I had ever told her that.

The author of this letter, Warren Aston, has, in my opinion, misunderstood something I said. We had as many as 17 witnesses encounter the Grays at our house at the same time, and a number of these witnesses are on record, such as Lorie Barnes and Raven Dana, among others, who have even gone on national radio describing their experiences?which Mr. Aston probably knows perfectly well. I myself tried to be with the visitors when they were coming into the house and interacting with my husband. When they showed up, I could not stay in the room, it was just incredibly frightening. How Whitley managed to do this for 11 years I do not know. But his experiences were real, and for this man to say that I have ever claimed otherwise is an outrage and a personal insult to me, not to say my husband.

What’s the motivation for this nasty attack? I’ve never even met Warren Aston (or if I have, I don’t remember him?maybe that’s the problem?) and I haven’t stepped on any toes over at MUFON recently?not that I know of, anyway?and I can’t fathom why they would print something so heinous for no reason at all.

Or perhaps they DO have a reason: maybe they just want attention. WAH! It reminds me of my son crying in the middle of the night. But I think it’s long past time for them to GROW UP, don’t you?

We have heard from Glennys, who copied us on a letter she wrote directly to Warren Aston. She says, “I am totally horrified that you used my name and had this article printed in the Mufon magazine. I did not hear the conversation?I had first hand experience of this at Laughlin, as to people’s behavior towards Whitley, in the way things get out of context?people only hear what they want to hear and NOT what is said?I am deeply hurt by these allegatiions and feel that it is totally unfair to both Whitley and Anne that all this should be dragged up after all these years [since] it was October, 1996 when they were our guests here in Brisbane. In my personal association with both Anne and Whitley, I have found them to be very caring, kind and genuine people, and I feel that what has been written is totally unjust.”

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