On August 17, 2015, a week after Anne’s death, I concluded her diary. Since then, there have been many incidents which have seemed to me to suggest that her consciousness is still intact and her presence is continuing. In the journal entry I just did on Open Prayer, I said that I did not feel that I should start her diary again because the presence of the dead is such an open quesiton.

In the past 24 hours, I have changed my mind. Or rather, Anne has. She speaks to me so spontaneously and easily that I am going to just have to accept that its her. She says, for example, right now: "Tell everybody that I’m here. I’m right here. A lot of us are. A lot! But the body turns you toward the outside so you can’t have relationships with us. You forget us but we don’t forget you."

She wants this new diary to be about furthering the kind of communication that we have, so I will do my best to make it that. "Tell them to be quiet inside for as long as they can. that gives us a chance to be heard. Try not to make up versions of us. Don’t use your imagination. Here’s a test: if you forget something–a name, anything–ask your dead to remind you. If what you’ve forgotten comes right to mind, that’s a good test."

I have certainly come to rely on Anne to remind me of all sorts of things. She had a marvelous memory in this life and she still does! She says, "It’s even better now. You have no idea. Here, memories are things, colors and images woven into a living carpet that is the life you have lived."

"Don’t be afraid, especially those who are dying or near dying. You will come up out of your body into love. Remember put the burdens of life down! I am going to sign off now but I’ll be back when lazybones gets around to it. Ask me questions. You don’t need to tell Whitley. Tell me. I’ll answer the ones I hear."

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  1. Wow! Fascinating and telling.
    Wow! Fascinating and telling. Comforts me to see another view of life, from someone who well understood the dichotomy that we face living in the body.


  2. This is incredible. Anne, I
    This is incredible. Anne, I will ask you the name of a movie you told me about at the Revelations Symposium, having to do with Native Americans. I still can’t remember the name of it, even now, over three years later.

  3. Wonderful.

  4. Never had the pleasure of
    Never had the pleasure of meeting Anne in the physical- maybe there’s still a chance now to meet her in spirit. I’ll ask her a question & see what occurs.

  5. Tell Anne I said Hello!

    Tell Anne I said Hello!
    Maybe she’ll appear in her radiant body and stay back in this physical universe! Appear and disappear Like the Gods on Hercules and Xena! Wouldn’t that be a nice thing? So I ask her -whats the holdup? Make it happen Anne! I am rooting for you!

  6. I had a friend commit suicide
    I had a friend commit suicide a year or more ago. Shortly after, I was going to participate in a meditation dealing with Raphael (I think – it’s been awhile ago) and could feel my friend “K.G.” asking for help from beyond as he was troubled in life and death by suicide created problems as well.
    I had never had any contact with the dead at all before. Wasn’t sure I believed it was actually him. The Angelic meditation went by due to my own complicated life and I missed it.
    He continued to contact me. I think that he must have been able to see me during meditation as we weren’t that close in our daily lives. I felt horribly guilty for missing the chance.
    I then heard you, Whitley, say in a in a subscriber special (not sure which one now), that Anne could see us when we went into meditation and that if we had a question that she would answer if she could.
    During meditation the next day, I concentrated on Anne. I felt her attention towards me and I asked If she could help K.G.? With that, I a positive feeling and felt the presence I understood to be Anne whisk away. I only know Anne through this website and Whitley’s writings.
    In subsequent meditations, if I focused on K.G., I no longer received urgent despair but one of peace and gratitude. He can rest now.

    I don’t know if this really happened or not. It was very strange and all very spontaneous.
    Thought I’d share anyway.

    Thank you Anne! Thank you for sharing Whitley. I’m sure K.G. appreciates the help too. He was a very good man and undeserving of the treatment he received in his life of which he held himself accountable.

    Clearly, we must let our baggage go in the Now! and embrace Joy.

  7. Whitley- I know your
    Whitley- I know your busy……
    Will you please contact Anne for me and ask her to help me to make the right decisions? Good ones? Ones that make me incredibly smart. Right now, My mother is dying from stage 4 lung cancer and I want to draw a substantial amount out of my 401 k, without difficulty or fear or penalty, and take her home, and use my money to hire an agency to help her. She hates where she is now, and I want to take her home and buy a recliner and make her comfortable before and after if and when I go back to work. She has a lot of physical issues with her neck and her feet are so swollen.

    Whitley, I believe your telling the truth about the radiant body, and your contact with “the visitors” because I have seen them, years back. I know they exist. I have had something very similar under emotional duress which was like I had turned into a beautiful blue smoke like in “I Dream of Jeannie” -I am being honest here. This was after a U.F.O. encounter years back….

    I am not good with meditation, so… if you can ask anne to help me to think better to help my Ma, maybe things will work out for all. Either way, if Anne can or cannot. Tell her thanks anyway. From the bottom of my heart.

    Oh! Ask Anne if she can talk to my other self outside of time to contact me ( T.M.O.T.K. Says: you see part of yourself from a distance) and talk to that part of me to see things through in a better way ”
    while I walk in time”.

    This is what I want for my Ma, she really wants to be home when she passes. Please use whatever metaphysical help that you can- I will even welcome the little grey or the blue men to give me some courage…….thanks Whitley so much and to the readers. 12/24/2016 2:14 p.m.

    P.S. I am on Facebook as “Adam Nashara” and no…I am not asking for contributions, really… just the wisdom of Solomon. I could use his help too if he’s around.

    1. Eaglepilot,
      Have you tried


      Have you tried contacting the American Cancer Society and local hospice care? When my dad discovered that he had pancreatic cancer, the American Cancer Society helped out with things like picking him up and taking him to his radiation therapy. Hospice care arranged to have a hospital bed loaned to my parents for my dad’s comfort, and they also helped out in many other ways too, including a nurse that would drop by, counseling services, pain medications, etc. My dad was only in the hospital briefly after the initial exploratory surgery and was told he only had 3-8 months to live. After that, he went home and 8 months later died peacefully at home with family present. Also, don’t be afraid to discuss this with your mom, including your thoughts about withdrawing your 401k. One thing that is important to remember is that things will be better for her and her passing will be easier if she is not worried about you.

      So, don’t be afraid to reach out to other people and organizations for assistance. You may be amazed at the angels out there just waiting for you to ask for guidance and help.

      Blessings to you and your mom. You will get through this…and she will too!

      1. Thank You Cosmic
        Thank You Cosmic Librarian,
        Yes, I did discuss this I think with a caseworker, but I don’t trust them. My Ma doesn’t trust them. I did get the same information you just mentioned about getting up a bed at home etc. But the nursing is the primary problem. I was advised from a good friend to switch over to medicaid/medicare fast from Cigna Healthspring. Pray that I can work this out for the best of both of us, because I am very scared right now I might not be able to do the things I want to do for her which is determined by my 401 k withdrawal amount, I hope the hell that they don’t limit me, which might prevent me from me not to be able to take her home. My Ma is till with us, and sharper probably than I am even though she’s in bad shape and she knows it. Say a special prayer for me -and thanks for responding to me on this christmas day. ADAM 12/25/2016 9:13 A.M.

  8. My mother spent the last four
    My mother spent the last four years of her life with my 24-hour care and these were some of happiest days of both of our lives. many times we would say we were in heaven this is what it’s going to be like. My best advice is get her away from doctors. relieve the meds stop the coffee Etc and teach to drink water even if it’s in an eyedropper. Hold her from behind and lift her when she’s walking to help facilitate full use of her muscles and knees. Or if she’s capable give her your elbow wing with your hand propped on your hip she can hang on to when you’re out and about…. and try to sing and dance and maybe watch kids shows Darien When my mom was passing we sang songs and played music and made a Raw CD every day for that last year. She liked listening to them and maybe it might work for y’all too.. I have her Sadie Hawkins day CD of February 29th 2010 that I’d like to share with you and your Ma … I hope she likes Wolverton Mountain Sioux City Sue. And beautiful brown eyes. I’ll donate it to unknown country whenever Whitley advises me

  9. Hello All-
    My mother passed

    Hello All-
    My mother passed away fast last night, the 29th, sometime after 3:00 a.m. or earlier I don’t know which. Exhausted, I laid down on my foam mattress next to the bed and drifted off, Isis was in her carrier, I don’t know what I dreamed, but I was hoping she would be alive for tomorrow were I could hold her hand the whole next day. I woke up off the cold floor, after 3:00 a.m. to find that she was not breathing and she was cold. When I arrived back at this facility earlier during the day when she was alive, I said to her “I have a surprise for you”. Her “eyes widened”….I think she heard me, And I brought my cat “Isis” in, she meowed, and settle down and I took some photos with her lying on her legs while she was alive. And once after death, the horror of a slap dash exit occurred again as the hospital wanted her out of there, and yet there was a very good man to advise me on the Phone by my cousin, I borrowed my Landlords Phone, who dropped everything early out of a dead sleep and helped me to make the best decision for these matters. This man was knowledgable and was full of faith, and even still with the holidays there have been roadblocks over and over again, but he pushed everything through, but by tomorrow things will be expedited soon, but not without a lot of pain, but you know, It still feels like she in the other room, and not gone so my mind I guess hasn’t yet accepted her loss. But I know I am alone.
    I hope what I have written down here makes some sense, and thank you unknown country readers for you kindness. Stay in touch…..thanks.

    1. Eaglepilot,
      My condolences on


      My condolences on your loss, but surely you know that you were holding your mother’s hand until the end…Maybe not physically, but the connection was there and still is. As you say, she is in another room (but sharing the same house). All you need to do is speak to her, just as if she were here in the physical. It may be very difficult right now to do that, due to grief, but she is there.

      Now for something that I hope will you bring you additional comfort: I once had a black cat that went through so much with me and she was also extremely loyal and loving. She kept me going through some tough times over her 13 years in the physical. Her name was Isis. I named her after the Egyptian goddess, also known as The Great Mother, protector of the dead and children, and a goddess of magic. You also asked for help, and an angel appeared (“full of knowledge and faith” to assist you after your mother’s passing.) We may not always get the assistance in the ways that we want or imagine, but we do get assistance in ways that are most needed by us.

      You are NOT alone. Peace.

  10. That’s so sweet Cosmic
    That’s so sweet Cosmic Librarian,
    We both have something in common. I named “Isis” after the saturday morning television show “Secrets of Isis”, and my very first cat was Black, and his name was “Flash”. He and I went out for a walk for him to eat grass for roughage for his stomach and that was the first time I saw a gigantic mirrored Orb, big as a 747, moving fast as “Star Treks Voyager” which was using a white/blue light for propulsion, which suddenly shut off it’s light and silently floated into the clouds just over my apartment complex. It knew I was there and wanted to be seen. At first I thought it was transparent, but I could see the clouds reflecting on it’s xmas ball mirrored surface. It looked like a huge seamless mirrored silver xmas ball. Hopefully that Angel is still around if in fact thats what it was. this happened september 30th 8:09 p.m. 1995. I have not seen aliens or anything mystical since then, but I thought I tell you since this is the unknown country website after all. This is a strange world sometimes, thanks so much for sharing, I hope you enjoyed my true story -maybe the days will be better soon, they don’t of course seem that way right now. Stay sweet -adam

  11. Wonderful! Wonderful!
    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
    So glad you decided to start Anne’s journal again. And so happy I can finally afford to subscribe again.
    It’s all good. So much Joy and Love I am feeling right now.
    Time to catch up on everything I’ve missed.
    Thank you Anne. <3
    Thank you Whitley. <3

    Strong, strong, strong. Much Love to all.

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