Over the years, I’ve been amused by the fact that we are spied on from time to time. These spies seem to be from government agencies, either foreign or domestic, and they seem to think they are going to discover something clandestine that we hold close to our chests, while the truth is, as I keep telling these folks, we have NO secrets. We don’t hide ANYTHING: we post information about everything that happens to us?whether it’s alien contact, “drone” sightings or (in my case) meeting up with an angel in a Kinko’s copy shop?on our website, and Whitley often writes a book about these things too.

Many people try to get to what they assume to be Whitley’s secret knowledge through me, which is amusing as well. About a year ago, I was having a lively email exchange with someone whom I felt had become a real friend and hoped to meet someday. This person confessed to having once been in the CIA, and my impression has always been that the CIA is like Alcoholics Anonymous, in that no one is ever an “ex.” This person cut off contact with me abruptly, probably (like everyone else who tries this sort of thing) in frustration at not having gotten any INFORMATION from me. I was left feeling betrayed and rather silly for having fallen into this trap in the first place.

A few years later, a UFO investigator here in the US whom we’ve known for years teamed up with someone from a foreign country to somehow “read” the email exchanges I was having with ANOTHER friend. I became suspicious because the US investigator (not being a trained professional when it came to covert ops) kept “blowing” his cover by phoning me and saying things that he could only have known from reading these emails. Since my friend moved shortly before this started happening, I assume these guys somehow put a bug on her computer while it was in transit. Since her computer broke shortly afterwards, I’m almost sure of it. I was tempted to send her some really cool disinformation about evil aliens, but I never got around to it.

To confirm my suspicions about these guys, I emailed a UFO investigator I know who lives in the country where the second member of this “team” resides, and she confirmed that “everyone there knows” this man is a covert operator. So much for being undercover!

One of the odd things these people often seem to want to know is where we live (so they can break in and bug our computers as well?) In fact, that’s one of the mistakes the UFO investigator made that tripped him up. We get all our mail at mail centers in Los Angeles and Texas, so that as we move around, our mail can follow us. Another one of these people who seem to be overly interested in us once said to me, “I googled your address in California and looks like a strip mall.”

I thought to myself, “I don’t live in fancy digs when we’re here in LA, but I haven’t yet been reduced to setting up housekeeping in the back of a store,” but then I realized what was going on and said to him, “Dude, that’s our MAIL CENTER.” Perhaps I’m being too sensitive, but I felt it was rather rude to be so obviously investigated in this way.

We recently spent time with someone who freely admitted to being a former recruiter for covert US operations. After making all sorts of plans for future projects, he dropped us suddenly as well. I think, like all the others, he just didn’t get the information he was looking for, whatever it was.

What these spies (if that’s what they are) don’t realize is that the visitors are a quantum phenomenon. You don’t steal information about them from other people, you get it for yourself, by being open to the events around you. In the quantum world, we “create our own reality.” The past-life regressionist Richard Sutphen once said to us, “Wisdom cancels out karma,” which is, I think, another way of saying the same thing.

Whitley once reported that the visitors said to him, “Have joy.” I noticed that they didn’t say “BE happy” (since happiness is an emotion that, depending on your circumstances, is sometimes impossible to feel). Instead, they spoke about happiness as if it was something that you can have if you know how to take it, or if you realize that you CAN take it.

I think that secrets about the visitors (if there are any) are the same way, and I wish I could tell these people that they can find the information they’re so desperately looking for in their own intuitions, feelings and perceptions. Just please stop trying to take it from us.

Oh, in case you’re wondering: Did Anne write this diary so that some of these people will read it, recognize themselves and realize she’s onto them? The answer is, no, I didn’t because I know from talking to them that they NEVER read our website (which is the place where whatever secrets we DO have are openly posted). I find that especially amusing!

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