We knew we were going to have a good show last night, but we never dreamed things were going to get as wild as they did.

Israeli journalist Barry Chamish talked about the mysterious death of Alisdair Rosslyn Sinclair, a direct descendant of the Sinclair family who were instrumental in aiding the fugitive Knights Templar after their order was attacked by the papacy and the French kingdom in the fourteenth century.

Chamish warned us that we might be cut off, since he’d had trouble on other radio shows and he suspected his calls were being tampered with.

In the last 15 minutes of the show, we heard a “Pow!” sound in our earphones and lost all connection with Barry and our engineers. While Whitley phoned Mike Kincaid in Oregon, I frantically rushed out into the hall to find Don Cooper, our engineer here in San Antonio, who diagnosed a blown fuse and quickly replaced it. We were back on the air in 5 minutes, with just enough time for Barry to tie all the threads together to explain what he believes is a major conspiracy to return Jerusalem’s temple mount to the control of the papacy, and to place Jerusalem under UN governance.

He predicts that war will break out in the Middle East in April, and explains why in his new book The Last Days of Israel.

We also got an incredible prediction from our first guest, Robert Cracknell, author of The Psychic Reality. He’s Britain’s best documented psychic, famous in that country for his incredible predictions about the Yorkshire ripper, one of the UK’s worst-ever serial murderers. During a news break, he heard a report about the Gallaudet University murder case. The body of a second student, a young man from San Antonio, had just been found murdered in the same dormitory where another boy was killed on September 28.

When we came back on the air to talk with Cracknell, he said that some intuitions had just come to him about this murder. Since he lives in Cyprus, he hadn’t heard anything about it before the news report last night. He said he felt that the murderer is an employee about 27 years old, who has only been working there for the last 12 to 15 months and is originally from the Balkans. He is a laundry worker who works for the laundry at the school, and he feels that the last murder has something to do with a laundry chute that is near the student’s room.

Off the air, Cracknell told us that he feels the murdered boy was a homosexual and that the killer has strong homophobic tendencies. Imagine my surprise when I read the news stories today and discovered that the first murdered boy had been secretary of the Lambda Society at the school, an organization for gays and lesbians.

I e-mailed this information to the reporter who wrote the story for the San Antonio Express-News, in hopes that he will pass on the information to the parents of the 2nd boy, who could then alert the Washington police. I hope he takes me seriously.

If you missed the last night’s show, the audio archive will be up soon, or you can purchase a cassette from 800-917-4278. Stay tuned to see if these predictions come true.

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