Our magical daughter came to visit us for an overnight, and we were thrilled to see her. You can have a child who isn’t related to you by blood, but by love, and that’s why our God-daughter is so precious to us.

I vividly remember when her mother asked us to take the godparent role. We were flattered but for us it was no honorary title. A god-parent has a very serious duty to perform, but in her case it has hardly been necessary to steer her in the direction of the spiritual. She is very spiritual just by nature.

After her mother died at a tragically young age, she knew that she had us to fall back on, and she has always regarded our home as her second home. When she is in need, she knows who to call!

She was here for a wedding and spent an overnight with us, sleeping on the floor of our tiny den. I had so much fun, it was a real pleasure to see her in her beauty and her youth. She is bright, kind, complex and deeply spiritual—just about perfect, as far as I’m concerned!

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  1. Heartwarming! Thanks for
    Heartwarming! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Anyone who can truthfully say they have more than one mother/father is very fortunate. I have had some additional parents — and I feel blessed!

  2. Yes! “Blue” is right – there
    Yes! “Blue” is right – there is nothing better than to have multiple set of parents, or family that you know you can rely on. I’ve had both, and wouldn’t trade that warm experience for the world!
    Anne, I remember you mentioning (or Whitley) mentioning your God-daughter some time ago. Had all but forgotten, but it’s SO nice that you had that moment of connection/re-connection with her, and that things are still going well. Sometimes the status quo can be a good thing, indeed!
    As always, all the very best to you and to Whitley. We out here are pulling for you, and loving every word that you send our way. Your temporary absence made many of us realize how valuable you and your contributions are, and how good to have you back.

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