I have recently experienced Anne’s presence very strongly. She has been much in evidence in my dream life and in my meditations. She is filled with joy. I have no other way to express it.

Last night and this morning she said some things that she wants shared with you, so I am repeating them here. It is classic Anne, simple statements from mind, heart and soul that are so enlightening.

I have been talking to her about the creation of the universe and God a lot lately, and last night there were three very illuminating things said. The first is, “God is being.” This ties in with a statement she made this morning, when she asked me to put it up as a diary.  It is this: “When we see ourselves as we truly are, we see God.” Now, that is a hard one. What if what we see isn’t something to like, I asked her. She replied, “God is not here to be liked or disliked. God is here to be.”

I asked her about the creation of the universe. She replied, “there was a long process of accretion, and then the atoms began to dance.”

It is pretty much what Stephen Hawking said in his talk, “The Origin of the Universe:”

“The irregularities in the early universe will mean that some regions will have slightly higher density than others. The gravitational attraction of the extra density will slow the expansion of the region, and can eventually cause the region to collapse to form galaxies and stars. So look well at the map of the microwave sky. It is the blue print for all the structure in the universe. We are the product of quantum fluctuations in the very early universe.”

She condenses it to 14 words, but it’s basically the same concept. 

She also came up with something about the flat earth movement, which I was only vaguely aware of. She said, “tell the flat earthers to go to the edge and wave. If they can’t do it, then it’s not flat.”

Anne had a great mind for science and a wonderful, loving sense of humor. I am so glad to have heard from her again after these long years of waiting! I am very rigorous, as she would expect me to be, about these diaries. I will not be posting anything that comes out of me and not her. These statements were original with her, I am convinced.

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  1. I started reading the afterlife revolution. I bought it ls year and yesterday someone point me to it.
    Her presence is very strong!
    Thank you

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