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Joshua Cutchin and the Overlap of Experiences

…tuba player! He currently resides in the small town of Roswell (not that one, the one in Georgia). His website is Listen to Joshua’s previous interviews with both Whitley…read more

Dreamland This Week: First, Bigfoot in Many Dimensions, then Remote Healing: WHY and HOW It Works from a Legendary Expert

…what could easily be the best informed person in the world when it comes to the strange. Great listening, and a great book, too! Visit Joshua at To get…read more

What They Eat, Who They Steal: A Deep Dive into Visitor Secrets

…and what these mysterious entities want from us, this seminal discussion is one you will never forget. You can meet Joshua Cutchin at his website, Get his mind-bending book…read more

Mysteries of the faerie realm with Joshua Cutchin

Is the UFO contact experience connected to the mythic faerie realm? Author Joshua Cutchin has written extensively on these overlapping subjects. Is an ancient folklore still alive today, welling up…read more