Retired US Navy Admiral Plans to Launch Expedition To Investigate a Potential Underwater Base of Unknown Origin

Retired US Navy Rear Admiral and oceanographer Timothy Gallaudet has revealed the existence of an inexplicable geological anomaly that was recently discovered on the seafloor near California’s Catalina Island, the site of numerous encounters between the US Navy and UAP, including cases such as the one involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike


Generative AI May Suffer ‘Model Collapse’ as It Rapidly Devours Its Own Content

In a case that seems for all the world like a silicon-based ouroboros, the unprecedented proliferation of AI-generated material on the internet could result in the rapid disintegration of the quality of the output of AI that trains itself on this synthetic content—an effect dubbed ‘model collapse’ by the researchers

UPDATE: Controversial UAPTF Head Sean Kirkpatrick is Stepping Down as AARO Director

[UPDATED: November 24] Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has announced that he is retiring from his position as Director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in December 2023, 18 months after taking the position. Although Kirkpatrick’s departure was originally rumored to be due to numerous complaints made by potential UAP whistleblowers

Cuttlefish Display Cognitive Ability To Plan for the Future, Passing a Test Meant for Human Children

A team of researchers with Cambridge University has determined that the common cuttlefish has the cognitive ability to postpone the instant satisfaction that can come from an immediate reward if it holds out for a more attractive prize that is made available later, through a test originally designed to study

The Pace of Global Warming, Previously Slowed by Unintentional Geoengineering, Is Accelerating

The rate of global warming is expected to accelerate, according to a new study published by a team led by renowned climatologist and climate activist Dr. James Hansen, due to the otherwise well-meaning reduction of atmospheric pollutants. It has been discovered that these pollutants resulted in an unintended geoengineering effect

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