Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down–But Why was It There?

China and other countries routinely launch powered balloons. The trajectory of these devices can be controlled and normally they don’t engage in airspace incursions, especially of other nuclear powers. Last week, however, a Chinese powered balloon carrying an instrument payload the size of a 2 large vans was directed over


The Technological Singularity of Artificial Intelligence May Begin Within Seven Years

The Singularity: a point in humanity’s future where technological growth has exceeded our ability to control its development, quite probably facilitated through the actions of a runaway artificial intelligence seeking to improve its own capabilities and knowledge. While no one knows when—or even if—this hypothetical event will occur, there is

Greenland’s Glaciers Possibly Melting an Estimated 100x More Quickly Than Predicted

Greenland’s glaciers may be melting 100 times faster than previously estimated, according to a new ice melt model that corrects an old assumption that was based on the melt rate of glaciers a world away in Antarctica. Previous models used to estimate how Greenland’s ice melts have been based off

The Spin of the Earth’s Core Has Changed Direction—at Least From Our Point of View

The spin of the Earth’s core appears to have reversed direction; but don’t be alarmed, it’s still spinning in the right direction, it only appears to be running in reverse from our vantage point here on the surface of the planet. A study of deep-penetrating seismic data collected between 1964

Lunar Calendar System Dating Back 40,000 Years Unearthed by an Amateur Archaeologist

A U.K man  self-described as “effectively a person off the street” cracked the code of a primitive writing system developed by Paleolithic humans which reaches back at least 42,000 years. In so doing, this amateur archeologist revealed that ice-age humans were keeping track not only of animal’s life cycles, but

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