An Alabama-based defense contractor is getting ready to take on potential government contracts to reverse engineer exotic UFO technologies by hiring two key former Defense Department personnel with experience in UAP investigations. Founded in 1999, Radiance Technologies is a defense and space manufacturing company that is solely owned by its 924 employees,read more

It turns out that although contracting COVID-19 will increase an individual’s immunity against future infections of the pandemic-causing coronavirus, repeat infections appear to increase the chances of developing serious complications associated with the disease, such as long-term heart, lung or neurological issues, and even death. This is important to keepread more

50 years after man last set foot on the Moon, NASA has finally launched the first spacecraft in a series of missions that is planned to return humanity to our nearest neighbor. “Liftoff of Artemis 1!” NASA commentator Derrol Nail remarked during the webcast of the early-morning launch. “We riseread more