Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Rick Bettua served thirty-two years as a U.S. Navy diver and is back to tell us more about his incredible survival stories that are now featured in his book, BREATHE: A Master Diver’s Survival Tales. He finished his career in 2008 asread more

Following last week’s mind-opening interview with Andrew Collins, on this week’s episode of Dreamland with his co-author Greg Little, we go deep into the issue of how transdimensional intellligences have operated to change human civilization in the past, and how they are still at work. Greg is an experienced psychologist,read more

Researchers have identified the evolutionary changes to our larynx that enables humans to produce the complex sounds necessary for the development of speech, while our primate relatives are unable to do so, despite having similar physical vocal structures. Paradoxically, the changes that occurred didn’t involve an increase in the complexityread more