Mitch Horowitz is one of the leading scholars of the occult in the world. During his distinguished career as editor of Tarcher-Penguin, he published Whitley’s books Solving the Communion Enigma, the Key and Super Natural. This week he takes us on a journey down some seldom traveled paths including theread more

Temperatures could plummet as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (27.8°C) across portions of the north-central United States on Wednesday night, ahead of what may be a record-breaking fall snowstorm. Below freezing temperatures are expected to sweep in from the north, followed by a low-pressure system coming from over the Rockiesread more

The two final meditations reprise the Yin and Yang meditation (6), but with a difference. They involve inducing the experience of being alive and dead at the same time. The objective is to enable access to the vast store of life knowledge that is locked in second body. The meditationread more

The first of the last three crop circle meditations. These three are not directly related to any particular crop formation, but are more general in intent. This meditation concerns working with the shadow side, the place of knowledge. Powerful expansion of second body beyond the limits of the more