At last, we’re in the new website. The free message board and subscriber chats have returned, and we will once again be posting lots of new subscriber material, news stories, shows and everything else that makes this site so exciting and unique. To navigate, use the menu just above thisread more

In 1997, Chad and Alta Dillard had what  they call “the night of missing time.” The husband and wife couple, along with their friend Christine saw a huge glowing orb above the street, and what happened next changed their lives.   The interview explores the high strangeness and emotional challengesread more

John Greenewald joins Whitley this week to discuss his legendary website and his new book, Inside the Black Vault, which distills his vast collection of UFO documents into the most important ones. On this show, he proves conclusively that the official Roswell story is a lie and that theread more

Researchers believe they have discovered the cause behind a mysterious, yet beautiful, aurora-like phenomenon named STEVE. Their findings confirm that STEVE is not only a phenomenon distinct from the more familiar Aurora borealis and Aurora australis that extend from the Earth’s Arctic and Antarctic regions, respectively, but also that STEVEread more