Eric Wargo is an expert on time loops – those mysterious events we call precognition, retro causation and time slips. The depth of his knowledge is astonishing, and this great show more than fulfills Dreamland’s mission of more

An international team of researchers has definitively proven that quantum computers can hold a significant computational advantage over classical semiconductor-based computers.

Although quantum computing elements have been available in D-Wave Systems‘ series of computers for over a decade, there has been a great deal of controversy over whether or not the performance increases demonstrated by these computers are actually due to quantum processes, and not simply efficiencies hidden in the computer’s code or hardware.
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Some people feel called to preach. Others, called to an occupation. Thad McKraken feels called to the occult. Perhaps "feels" is the wrong word to use when a shadowy being in a cloak materializes and snaps you out of your sense of normalcy. For Thad, that’s exactly what more

The US Food and Drug Administration has granted a group of researchers approval to proceed with the use of the controversial drug psilocybin, a psychedelic compound naturally produced in about 200 species of mushrooms, to treat patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. This comes as welcome news for researchers that study psychedelic drugs, as current drug laws inhibit the study into the potential medical effects that the forbidden fungus may have to offer.
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