Michael Lee Hill is a lifelong close encounter witness. His earliest memories come from early childhood, then faded, then returned in 2005 when he started to see lights over Lake Erie. He has since filmed hundreds of hours of footage, which are on his YouTube page FrozenHill.

He has since led a life of close encounter and has become deeply involved in contact. Here, he discusses his life with fellow-experiencer Whitley Strieber, just the sort of event that is unique to this podcast.


Starfire Tor makes some extraordinary claims. Amazingly, Whitley and Anne personally had an experience that supports her claims about time slips. So she is welcome on Dreamland with her remarkable ideas and theories


This week, we’re talking about the core matrix, timelines and timeline edits, precognitive dreams, future predictions and dark forces attack.


This show is every bit as super-heated and incredible as her previous appearances.



Please note: Damaged audio files replaced 6/15/18 10:30AM PDT.

Judy Carroll describes herself as an ambassador for benevolent aliens who seek to help the people of Earth. Listen to her story as she tells it to Whitley, who listens with interest and a open mind. Judy’s message is about where mankind has been in history and where we are going. She is fearless in staking her claim to her role, and delivering a controversial message that she deeply believes to be true.