Yvonne Smith and James P. Lough join us to tell of their work with close encounter witnesses. Yvonne founded CERO, the Close Encounter Research Organization, in 1992, and, as a certified hypnotherapist, has been working with close encounter witnesses ever since. Here, they open up as never before about what they think is really happening in the close encounter experience and why hybrids are real.

This is a powerful, provocative and shocking edition of Dreamland and is not to be missed.

To learn more about the Close Encounter Research Organization, click here.
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"It’s a cold, moonlit night in the high desert of southern Utah. On a lonely stretch of highway, a young soldier drives en route from his home in Idaho back to his base at Ft. Bliss, Texas. The date is February 20, 1959. Suddenly, there’s a brilliant flash of light in the sky ahead. He stares, spellbound, as it resolves into a strange glowing…something."

Thus begins the strange story of airman Gerry Irwin, which has been extensively researched by David Booher. But what happened to Irwin? Was he an early abductee? Or was he the victim of a bizarre experiment in mind control?
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In author and adventurer Michael Feeley’s first visit to Dreamland, he reveals a new vision of reality, the meaning of man, soul and god. By re-envisioning the secrets of Egypt, he opens up new vistas of knowledge and new possibilities—that might well also be very, very old.

In the second half of the show, he explains his belief that many of the ancient Egyptian gods and monuments are actually representations of the organs of brain and body, knowledge with reveals deep secrets about who and what we are.
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