We all know that consciousness has something to do with reality. Quantum physical experiments show that waves become particles only when they are observed. But what does this mean about what consciousness DOES in the universe, and what it IS?

Physicist Tom Campbell has run many experiments in this area of physics and has come to believe that our reality is virtual and consciousness is what is creating it.

Trish and Rob MacGregor are frequent and eagerly anticipated guests on Dreamland and they’re back with Sensing the Future: How to Tap into Your Intuition and Read Signs from the Universe to Predict What’s to Come.

First, famed UFO journalist Leslie Kean offers insight into the extraordinary UFO video just released by the Chilean Navy and why the claim that it is a jet contrail cannot be true. Leslie can be reached on FaceBook, and be sure to make a visit to UFOData.net. If we ever want to advance UFO study into the mainstream, the UFOData approach is where to start!