Paul Sinclair’s first Dreamland on August 14, 2015 was a real marvel, one of the best and most well-documented stories of a UFO encounter (his own) ever put on the record anywhere.

During that show, he promised us that he’d bee back with more information about the ultra-high-strangeness that the community he lives in experiences on a daily basis.

This Dreamland is one incredible adventure led for us by a researcher who knows what he is doing. Enjoy a fabulous journey to an isolated corner of Yorkshire in England. But is it really so isolated? It would seem not…

Joseph Farrell joins Whitley Strieber to close out 2016 and welcome 2017 with a show that speculates about why Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, US Secretary of State John Kerry and astronaut and Mason Buzz Aldrin might have suddenly taken trips to Antarctica within just days of each other.

Is there any significance to this? Listen as Joseph explores what might be behind the three visits.

Judika Illes is an explorer in the world of spells and energies, and has great wisdom to offer about how to use the energies all around us to make our lives more productive and more true to our own aspirations. But she’s also a sort of supernatural polymath in that she understands a great deal about the dark side, including the "safe" fear of things like horror stories and the "real" fear of facing the unknown.