The wrecks of several warships that were sunk during the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942 have mysteriously disappeared, after marking the graves of their respective sailors for nearly three-quarters of a century. Officials are blaming commercial scrap metal scavengers for looting the site, having pilfered ships that belonged to the American, British and Dutch navies. But at least one salvage expert is skeptical about this being the work of ordinary scavengers.
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In his new journal entry, Whitley Strieber discusses the recent US presidential election in light of what he has learned from the visitors about their aims, and the ways in which president-elect Trump’s stated positions conflict with those aims, and the ways that they further them. In some respects, it would appear that a Donald Trump administration would stand against the two key aims of the visitors, which are the preservation of a healthy environment and the furtherance of human freedom. But is that really true?
read more is not a political website, but it does follow the lead of the visitors, and there are two areas in which the new administration appears to be at odds with them.

The first is the environment. The second is human rights.

I have had them in my life essentially all of my life, and, even without knowing exactly what they are, I have accepted their intelligence, their wisdom and their habit of making startlingly accurate predictions.

From them I have learned two things: first, we have wonderful bodies that are capable of growing glorious souls; second, we are in danger of extinction due to environmental decline.
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In Western culture, shamans and psychics are still considered taboo. But if people are born with gifts in those areas and they don’t have a cultural context or a guide to teach them, what happens to them? Does the psychic potential nag at them unconsciously until it manifests externally to wake them up? is this what experiencers are doing?
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