Free Dreamland is on hiatus for the Fourth of July.

For our subscribers, we return to one of the great Dreamlands: our 2002 exploration of the mysteries of ancient South America with Edgar Cayce expert Greg Little. In this spectacular 2002 show, Greg takes us into some of the strangest places in the world, deep in the jungles of South America, where a now lost world once flourished.

Learn more about Greg and his work and Edgar Cayce at

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Was King Arthur real? Did Merlin do magic? After a ten year absence from Dreamland and a seven year span between books, legendary historical investigator Graham Phillips returns with the truth about Arthur, Camelot and Merlin.

Do the legendary Arthurian Romances have any basis in truth? And if Arthur was a great king, where is his tomb?
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Echo Bodine is one of the most powerful psychics who appears regularly on Dreamland. This week, she tells us where it all comes from in her life, and how your own psychic abilities can affect YOUR life. When you hear how it started, you will be amazed, and when you come to understand the power of this gentle and joyous woman, you will be fascinated.
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