A new archaeological expedition aims to uncover evidence to gain more insight into Britain’s Neolithic peoples, who inhabited the area of the North Sea over 7,500 years ago. The project is especially ambitious, as the dig site has been submerged beneath the sea since that time.

Being called the ‘British Atlantis’ by some, the area called Doggerland, now covered by the North Sea, originally connected Great Britain to the European mainland, but following the end of the last ice age, it became submerged as global sea levels rose. Previous evidence of a Neolithic culture living there has been uncovered in recent years, and points toward
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Stock markets around the world, including ours, are going crazy. It appears that China may be on the brink of a financial meltdown. The media is screaming and people are panicking. But should they?

Catherine Austin Fitts is back on Dreamland to explain to us what’s really happening. Should we prepare for a worldwide collapse? Are things going to stabilize? As always, Catherine’s perspective is deep and filled with useful insight.

And, as always, Whitley and Catherine go beyond the news and deep into the hidden realities, and the hidden powers, that govern our world.
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Despite being available to authorities for over a month, the recovered Boeing 777 flaperon that is assumed to have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s Boeing 777, missing since March 08, 2014, has yet to be definitively linked to the ill-fated flight.

After having been discovered on a beach on Reunion Island, the flaperon — a control surface on the trailing edge of an airplane’s wing — was transferred to a forensics lab in Toulouse, France, to obtain a positive ID. While it has been positively identified as a Boeing 777 component, and the only known 777 that remains unaccounted for is from flight MH370, authorities have as of yet to definitively link the part to the flight, as the identification plate, of which would bear the part’s serial number, is missing.read more