2015 is now well on its way to be the hottest year on record, and a year of great extremes, with extraordinary heat in summer and profound cold in winter, and springs and autumns marked by weather of unusual violence. This is exactly what we are seeing this year. And yet climate change denial is, if anything, more strident–and more fallacious–than ever. Right now, Australia is experiencing an unusually cold winter while California is fighting a record number of wildfires, many of them completely out of control.read more

Given our recent Dreamland with Linda Moulton Howe on cat mutilations, and the long worldwide history of this phenomenon, we thought it would be appropriate to post this video of a cat moving through the sky attached to some sort of metallic plate. It shows no evidence of being a computer graphic. Probable unknown. NOTE: The correct video is now posted here.

To listen to Linda’ most recent program on this subject, click here.
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A ferocious heat wave is scorching the Middle East. A high pressure system has stalled over Iran and Iraq and is resulting in some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in populate areas. If the system should move north, it will affect Europe in coming weeks. Temperatures in Baghdad have reached up to 126F, and are predicted to remain above 115F for the next 10 days. The entire region is suffering exceptional heat, and the poor and displaced in conflict countries are having problems getting water. In many places, electricity is sporadic, and there is little air conditioning except in the wealthier countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.read more

Amateur photographer Sandra Stuteley of Peterborough in the UK took a series of photographs of some strange aerial objects on April 12, and after consulting family and friends, is requesting that the public offer suggestions about what this may be. Our photography experts are stumped. The best natural explanation that they could come up with was a large insect with sunlight glaring off its eyes, but this seems far fetched.
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