Joseph Farrell joins us for week one of one of the deepest explorations of the influence of Nazism in modern life that you will ever hear. Did you know that even though representatives of the German Army and the German Nation signed surrender documents at the end of World War II, the Nazi Party did no such thing. Listen as Joseph Farrell tells us about such mysteries as the origins of the modern jihad movement in the Berlin of the Nazi era, or the chilling journey of John McCone from Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympics to his pivotal role on the Warren Commission that covered up the Kennedy assassination.
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Another horrific half-cat mutilation cycle has begun. As before, not a trace of any perpetrator can be found, despite the large number of felines affected. Then, in the second half of the show, a mysterious boom throws a woman across a beach and injures her.

Cat mutilations are generally dismissed as predator action, but officials never bother to explain the neat incisions, the lack of blood and, above all, the fact that no perpetrator, animal or human, has ever even been seen, let alone caught.
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THERE ARE SECRETS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Then there are secrets hidden just plain out of sight.

What can one person do with knowledge of ancient Egypt, skills with a GPS and contacts to get a high resolution satellite-based scan done? A scan, by the way, that is so sophisticated it can go 6 kilometers into the earth and see what is out of sight.

Well, if you are Dr. Carmen Boulter, you might just use it to solve a 2,500 year old mystery. Not just any mystery. One of the greatest mysteries in all of human history.
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In January of 2008, the citizens of Stephenville, Texas were astonished to observe numerous unknown objects in their skies, being chased by military jets. Ken Cherry headed up a team of investigators who conducted one of the most exhaustive and well co-ordinated UFO investigations in history. The results are explosively revealing and impossible to refute. The incident happened and, despite its denials, the air force did send up planes to confront the unknowns.

Listen as Ken Cherry tells us why he can prove this, and describes from an up close and personal perspective, one of the all-time great UFO more