Even a few seconds warning prior to a devastating earthquake could save thousands of lives. But Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems are too pricey for governments in some of the most earthquake prone regions – including Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Now a group of scientists think they may have found a solution: a crowd-sourced EEW network using consumers’ smartphones.

Writing in the April 10, 2015 issue of Science Advances, nine researchers – hailing from the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California; CalTech and JPL in Pasadena, the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping at the University of Houston, and Carnegie-Mellon – explain the rationale behind their research as well as its results.
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What happens when you wake up to the fact that you’re an experiencer and your husband or wife doesn’t believe you? This is the type of common problem that rarely gets addressed publicly. We’re lucky to have with us Melissa Kriger who has been there, done that, and is willing to share her very personal journey with us.

You can also find Melissa talking about her contact experiences at AdriaticSeaEyes
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As NASA’s Dawn spacecraft approached the dwarf planet, a bright spot that had been observed as long as 10 years ago by the Hubble Space Telescope came into sharper and sharper focus. But then what happened?

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe gets the latest information and thinking from NASA on what Ceres is, what the bright spot may be, and just when we will see close up imagery.

Right now, Dawn is orbiting the back side of the planetoid, but why didn’t we see any more detailed images during its initial approach?

What’s going on out there? Don’t miss this fascinating update!

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Dreamland First Half

When we think of possession, we think of demons, but that is not all there is to it, not by a long shot. Diana Paxson says that we can choose who we want to let in, and choose when they should leave. Not only that, we can develop relationships with divinity in this way, using age-old techniques that enable safe entry into trance. Listen as Diana Paxson explains how to do this.

Dreamland Second Half
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