Part One: Free Dreamland

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? That’s the question we ask George Noory today, as we get into the book he has just published with Richard Belzer and David Wayne. George, Richard and David have gone very deeply into this most mysterious of all airliner disappearances and concluded that almost NOTHING that the general media has told us about this flight is true.

Part Two: Continuation for Subscribers
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1st Half (Free Dreamland)

Edgar Cayce was the first person ever to describe himself as a ‘channel,’ and he was one of the greatest channels of all time. His medical readings are legendary, his prophecies amazing.

But who was he, really, and how did he come by his knowledge? We talk to Mitch Horowitz, who wears a hat—among many others—as an expert on Cayce.

Editor in Chief of Tarcher/Penguin, Mitch has just republished the classic biography of Cayce: There is a River, the Story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue.
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                                         Et in Arcadia, Anneke…

Who—and what—was Akhenaten? Was he human, or entirely human, this enigmatic man who brought the idea of the single god to mankind? And what was the toolkit that he used in his spiritual quest, and that was still in use in the time of Jesus? Could we recover it? Understand it?
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UPDATE: CIA medical officer Christopher "Kit" Greene has posted an extensive comment on the Above Top Secret website about his efforts to obtain John Burroughs’ records. He makes specific statements about what caused John’s injuries that confirm that the source was unknown.

Linda Moulton Howe Editor
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