Chris Hardy is a cognitive and systems scientist who holds a doctorate in psychological anthropology. She is also an expert in a very esoteric area: the question of whether or not there is evidence of genetic engineering in human evolution. Her new book, DNA of the Gods, the Annunaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity makes as deep a case as has ever been made for the proposition that we are genetically engineered, and that Sumerian tablet contain a record of these much earlier events that can be read and understood.

Robert Moss is one of the great dream teachers. He tells us about his discoveries going through the gateway of dreams into other universes and levels of existence that are very real, and very, very important. This is because the whole next level of human existence is going to center around what Robert is experiencing and teaching right now: that communication between this and other world, including parallel universes, other times and what we call the world of the dead can be normalized, and the human experience can become much larger, much richer and much more empowering.

The media has gotten bored with the story of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown, but the radioactive debris will soon reach the US West Coast. Should we worry? Not only worry, but prepare. This is a very dangerous situation. Here, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the largely ignored story of what happened to the crew of the USS Reagan when it approached within two miles of the burning power plant in order to offer assistance. The Japanese had lied to the US Navy about the level of contamination present, but when the Reagan’s officers realized that they were sailing into a deathtrap they immediately withdrew to a hundred miles offshore. But crew members have been devastated by radiation sickness since.

When he was last with us, John Hogue promised to return with his 2014 Prediction. He has and they are intense. Whitley Strieber comments, "When John told me that he thought 2014 would be a lot like 1914 when World War One started, I thought that he was overstating the case. But as the weeks have passed, we have seen a situation develop in the Ukraine that’s very much like what was happening in the Balkans during the first half of 1914. Then, in July, the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Nobody expected a world war to come out of that event, but it did. The parallels between the Ukraine of 2014 and the Balkans of 1914 are disturbing."