Winter has held North America and Northern Europe in a relentless grip for months, and scientists are saying that we may have to get used to experiencing such prolonged periods of bad weather. Recent research presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago suggests that this is occurring as a result of Arctic warming, where temperatures are increasing at two or three times the rate of the rest of the world. The region has seen a rise of 2°C since the 1970s, resulting in a 40 per cent drop in the amount of summer ice coverage across the Arctic more

The secular west has lost its understanding of prayer, and that’s extremely unfortunate, because, as the Spindrift group has discovered, it’s easier to get results from evil prayer than from good prayer. Not only that, the secret agendas of the human mind send out prayers and requests without our even being consciously aware of it. As Bill Sweet says, we must examine our deepest motivations in order to determine exactly what we are asking for.

This is among the most powerful and important interviews we have ever run on this radio program. DO NOT PASS IT UP!
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Back in 2006, Bill Sweet of Spindrift Research was with us on Dreamland discussing the mysterious disappearances of 2 colleagues who were doing scientific research into the power of prayer. Bruce and John Klingbeil had made some powerful breakthroughs in understanding how and why prayer can work. Then they disappeared. Bill worked with them, and here he tells us where the investigation has gone since, speculates on who might have killed them, and explains the discoveries about prayer that might have gotten them killed.

How best to pray? Bill offers the information that Klingbeils might have lost their lives trying to bring to the world in his book Journey into Prayer.
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