Back in 2006, Bill Sweet of Spindrift Research was with us on Dreamland discussing the mysterious disappearances of 2 colleagues who were doing scientific research into the power of prayer. Bruce and John Klingbeil had made some powerful breakthroughs in understanding how and why prayer can work. Then they disappeared. Bill worked with them, and here he tells us where the investigation has gone since, speculates on who might have killed them, and explains the discoveries about prayer that might have gotten them killed.

How best to pray? Bill offers the information that Klingbeils might have lost their lives trying to bring to the world in his book Journey into Prayer.

Shortly after recording last week’s show with Starfire Tor, Whitley and Anne Strieber had another timeslip. Even stranger, the new event was strikingly similar to one that happened to them when in the company of Starfire in 2006. Here the Striebers describe the new event, then Starfire brings her knowledge and her theories to the table to explain why it would be that a discussion of timeslips would bring on another timeslip.

This is very unusual information, a real look behind the curtain that conceals the mechanics of life in the matrix of time and reality in which we are living.

Starfire Tor is back with us to talk about ghost pets, especially ghost cats. She took one of the best ghost photos Whitley Strieber has ever seen, of her beloved cat. But why ghost pets, and cats in particular? Starfire is one researcher who can tell us, and here she explains ghosts and especially why it is that the spirits of our pets will linger in our lives even to the point that, as in Starfire’s case, they can actually be photographed in a nonphysical state.

Dreamland is about wonder and empowerment, and this show is really wonderful and full of empowerment! We have Starfire and Whitley and Anne to thank for that, but also their CATS! Listen and enjoy!

John Hogue returns for his 10th anniversary Dreamland predictions special, and he’s looking for 2014 to be a year of enormous change. Listen as he tells Whitley and Anne Strieber his predictions for the year. And Anne Strieber has a prediction of her own, a surprising one about advances in drone technology and where they may lead.