Whitley Strieber tells the story of his personal connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and offers some uniquely powerful insights into the meaning of this tragic event, which has had a truly enormous impact on our history. This candid talk is full of surprising information as well as the kind of insight that characterizes Whitley’s work.

Over the course of my life, poems have been essential and they have been formative. They are interwoven with my close encounter experiences, because it is only in the ideas and feelings evoked by poems–both dark and light–that I can find sufficient complexity and resonance to enable me to think meaningfully about this greatest of all human events, the contact experience.

My hope is that, as time gradually causes mankind to awaken to who we really are and where we really are, and who our visitors are, that little deposits of meaning such as I have tried to make here will offer a useful resonance.