Unknowncountry has been monitoring the increased earthquake activity at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, and considering the potential effects of a Super-volcano eruption. The National Park is perched on top of a simmering Super-volcano which has been responsible for some of the largest and most cataclysmic volcanic eruptions in known history.

Last week’s ‘Weekender’ feature documented an increase in earthquake swarms around the Yellowstone area – over 130 in September alone – and a 3 inch swell in the volcano’s caldera every year for the past three years suggesting that the magma underneath is rising. The cause of the tremors has not yet been determined, but could be influenced by planetary alignments according to some experts and peer-reviewed studies.
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Unmentioned in the description of this object are two bright orbs moving toward it while blinking on and off in the first few seconds of the video. The object itself is not a sundog and it doesn’t look like a CGI job. Possible unknown.
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Allegedly two different witnesses photographed this object overhead in Stroud in the UK. It’s not near any famous UK UFO hotspots, the nearest one being Warminster 50 miles away. It would be an easy matter to fake this shot, but I’m going with it as a possible unknown for two reasons. The first is that a second witness is apparently involved. The second is that it appears somewhat similar to some other low-level shots that have been taken over the years. So, if there really was a second witness, this is a genuine unknown. If not, it could be anything from a close up of a button to a plate or hubcap.read more

James Carman is the director and producer of the Hidden Hand, one of the few honest and competently produced moves about the close encounter experience. Whitley Strieber is one of the participants in the film. Listen as he discusses the making of the Hidden Hand with James Carman, and then as they go farther into a discussion of such intimate and powerful parts of the experience as the reports of people being shown babies. read more