Nick Redfern is one of the best researchers in the field of the unknown and–incredibly–he has found official documentation that many different cryptids that are generally dismissed in the press are taken seriously at an official level.

In this interview, he reveals that there is a surprising amount of official documentation about monsters ranging from bigfoot to weir-panthers to gigantic birds. So settle back for an eerie half hour of first-rate Halloween mystery and a few pretty serious chills on Dreamland’s annual Halloween Special!

Did a delegation of US military personnel really visit another planet back in the 1960? Was this journey the secret inspiration for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind? This week on Dreamland, we explore these questions with UFO researcher Len Kasten, who has found some provocative evidence that this legendary journey might actually have taken place.

Who controls your life? Who decides your future—and whether or not you’re going to have one? Not you. Who do your kids depend on for the food on the table and the education—such as it is—that they receive? Not you and not their teachers.

In the first segment, Whitley and Anne Strieber describe UFO sightings they’ve had in the past few days, along with two friends who have had even more spectacular sightings. They discovered over dinner on Tuesday night that they’d all had sightings in Santa Monica. Listen as they describe what they have seen.

This week’s guest, Alan Steinfeld, has a uniquie message. It is that a new reality is being born out of profound changes to the earth, to human life and to the human mind. It is not coming from the outside, but from changes taking place within us.